Trump Gives Extra Time For Tiktok

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President Donald Trump has given extra time for the China-based mobile application TikTok. The tension between American and china has created uncertainty for many digital companies. Over the nation’s security, the Trump government has taken several actions from safeguarding peoples’ personal data being stolen. Recently Tiktok Chinese based small video application was asked to transfer data of US citizens to the servers, which are located in the US from China. During one of the press releases, President has said that “There is credible evidence that leads me to believe that ByteDance … might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States”. Following the US, many other countries are in the early stage of discussion to ban China-based application form their country.

This announcement came after the suggestion that Bytedance, the parent company of Tiktok, might share the data with the Chinese government. Considering the request and analyzing the troubles involved, trump has provided extra time for their demands along with additional actions. This announcement has provided a breathing space for the company. The company denied the statement of sharing the personnel information with the Chinese government. The early announcement was to completely stop all the transactions with Bytedance if it fails to meet the demands imposed form the American government. This announcement came after the President said: “address the national emergency with respect to the information and communication technology supply chain.”

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The latest order that came along with the time extension was to destroy any TikTok data from US users. It also said that if the entire process gets completed within the time period provided by the US government, the company has to report to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. The Committee will appoint a special team to investigate whether the company has deleted all the data that is related to the US users. Its also made clear that Bytedance should destroy all the data collected from the similar video-based applications like which Bytedance bought in 2018. The original order, which was announced early, didn’t include all these demands, whereas the announcement which was released recently did.

Tiktok has made several statements about their data privacy in recent days. It has also said that the application is loved by more than 100 million users in the US, which acts as a platform for expressing their talent to the outer world and registering their ideas and thoughts. The company has also said that there will continue to provide their service for the aspiring acting talents and to bring joy to their life. Soon after the announcement from the President, many American companies are looking to buy American access to the Company. Microsoft was one of the big companies which openly had a primary talk with the management executive of Bytedance. Following Microsoft, Twitter approached the company to make a deal.

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None of the companies either made a statement over the acquisition. It’s said that even if the primary deal gets a flow. It might take another two to three months, making it theoretically possible. Microsft has said that it expected to complete the discussions “no later than September 15th, 2020.”. On the deal with the leading short video mobile application, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates called the potential deal a “poisoned chalice.” This statement was widely discussed by the international media made by the successful entrepreneur.