Toradora! Season 2 – Is The Iconic Rom-Com Anime Making A Comeback?

Toradora Season 2

After over ten years of waiting, will the beloved couple Ryuuji and Taiga from Toradora be returning in the rumored Toradora Season 2?

Like many other fandoms, as an Anime fan, we have our own set of iconic Animes that must be watched by all of those who are part of the fandom. Since Anime has so many different types of themes, for the Rom-com genre, the No.1 option recommended would be “Toradora.” A 25 Episodes long Anime filled with wholesome and comedy scenes that will make you fall in love with everything about the show; from its catchy Opening to the beautiful animation, everything about “Toradora” is just mesmerizing. The show concluded ten years ago, and now many fans are suddenly curious whether the Anime will be getting a sequel.

In this article, we’ll be looking into where this expectation about “Toradora Season 2” comes from and all the related information we have about Toradora.

Toradora | Plot Overview

The Story follows the life of Ryuuji, who is regarded as a delinquent due to his eyes despite being a kind-hearted boy. Entering the second year of Highschool, Ryuuji is quite excited for his new school year, which he hopes to spend with his childhood friend, Yasaku Kitamura, and his crush Minori Kushieda. This all changes when Minori’s best friend Taiga Aisaka enters the scene, Taiga due to her rough behavior and short temper is called the Palmtop Tiger and immediately gets into a fight with Ryuuji on their first meet.

Toradora Season 2

Taiga happens to have a crush on Yasaku while Ryuuji has a crush on Minori; seeing as both of them can help each other and benefit from this friendship, they begin to hang out more. As they start spending more and more time with each other, they start understanding each other and get more and closer.

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What Are The Toradora Season 2 Rumours About?

The reason why Toradora! Season 2 has suddenly become the talk of the town because Netflix has added Toradora to its streaming services. Many fans are hoping if the show gets enough ratings and buzz; hopefully, Netflix decides to make a Netflix Original for the series. Another reason why fans want a sequel is that the Anime ending didn’t complete to highlight what all happened between Taiga and Ryuuji, and fans want to get an After Story for the series.

Will There Be A Toradora! Season 2?

In all likelihood, Toradora! Season 2 doesn’t seem like a possibility, all because the show already had a pretty good ending as it is. The show doesn’t have any more source material to use for the sequel, and honestly, personally speaking, although I do want an After Story, I don’t want to see a bad or rushed one. Even if Netflix does pick up the show because of all the buzz around it, the sequel won’t come out all the way till late 2021, and that is being extremely optimistic about it.

All in all, we’ll be updating you regarding Toradora! Season 2 as and when more information about it is released, so please look forward to it.