Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 4 – Release Date And Recap

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 3

Tonikaku Kawaii is perhaps the most wholesome and cute RomCom anime for this year’s fall lineup. Since Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 4 is right around the corner, let’s take a look into what all has happened so far. The author of the popular series Hayate The Combat Butler has made yet another enjoyable series filled with heartwarming feels. So far we have seen Nasa Yuzaki encountering the love of his life, and decided to confess his love in the spur of the moment. Although the premise of the story is just wishful thinking and extremely far from reality, the anime is still worth watching and enjoying.

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 3 | Recap

In the latest episode of Tonikaku Kawaii, we finally get to see some kind of development in the character of Tsukasa. Up until now, she had seemed more of a reserved, cool, and collected person but she has shown many more emotions in this week’s episode. The episode starts with Nasa and Tsukasa eating breakfast together after which they go to the bathhouse to take a bath and freshen up.

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 3

On arrival at the bathhouse, they are greeted by a bratty kid named Kaname Arisugawa, who is the daughter of the owner of the bathhouse. Kaname is quite funny and clearly loves making fun of Nasa, which shows how well they get along and how close they are to each other. Upon hearing they are now married, Kaname is completely in shock and tells them this time the bath for this time is on the house. Kaname then confronts Nasa alone about what this is all about, and once she finds out all the details she asks him when the ceremony will be held.

Nasa replied by saying he hasn’t thought about it because it’s inefficient. Kaname explains that it’s his duty to ensure Tsukasa’s happiness and that he should make some kind of proposal to her or hold a ceremony of sorts. Meanwhile, Tsukasa encounters Aya Arisugawa, the big sister of Kaname, in the bath and Aya seems like a very big klutz.

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 3

After the bath, while heading home Nasa makes up his mind to make up to Tsukasa and make a genuine proposal. He hands her the keys and tells her to head home before him while running off to somewhere. The episode ends with a mysterious car pulling into the frame with a blonde girl sitting in it, who mutters to herself that she finally found Tsukasa.

Tonikaku Kawaii | Plot Overview

The Story follows the life of Nasa Yuzaki, who used to be very conscious of his name and decides to study really hard in order to not be teased for his name. On the way back home from school, he sees a girl, Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, waiting at the bus station, and right then and there he falls in love with her.

Upon feeling this uncontrollable emotion of affection towards this girl even before talking to her pushes him to approach her but even before he could call her out Nasa gets hit by an oncoming truck but is barely saved by Tsukasa. He confesses his love to her amidst this chaos, and Tsukasa agrees to him but on the condition that he marries her, to which he almost immediately agrees.

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 4 | Release Date

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 4 will be airing on the 24th of October 2020 and for those of you who want to watch the Anime Series can do so on the Official Website of Crunchyroll or on the Crunchyroll app. The upcoming episode will probably introduce the background of Tsukasa as the previous episode ended with a mysterious girl staring at Tsukasa from a car window while referring to her as a big sister.

Be sure to check out the next episode and as always new articles about the Anime Series will be posted at the same time next week.

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