Tom & Jerry The Movie – All You Need to Know

Are you a big fan of cartoon movies? Tom and Jerry Live action movie is almost here!

Tom And Jerry The Movie (2021) Cover

I hope all my cartoon loving readers are having a wonderful holiday ending season along with their families. I bet you are here because you too have a lot of love for Tom & Jerry. We know the worldwide story of Tom dying in the end along with Jerry too, but all that is now long gone. It is time to revive some of those feelings of nostalgia. Many movies faced trouble pushing forward the release date of their movies for several reasons, but Tom and Jerry had a whole bunch of different issues. Disney is doing a lot to give a live-action version to most of its animated movies.

For example, we had Mulan (it was not very successful, however). Then we had Beauty and the Beast with our Harry potter star in it. How can we forget Aladin! It marked a huge change and also a lot of drama over the internet because of the characters.

The first point to note here is the representation and accuracy of these movies’ actual themes and plotlines. Since this present millennial generation grew up with these shows and cartoon aspects, we like to watch things that are actually familiar. Therefore the fact that middle eastern characters were included is quite remarkable. Similarly, in Tom and Jerry, too, I hope that they don’t mess up the actual plotline. For example, I hope you remember how the other cartoon characters had just their legs visible? The fat lady with a roller in her hand is phenomenal and a part of the movie. If there are full faces in the actual movies (which I suspect is possible), it will not be very authentic. You can watch the trailer on Youtube.

Tom And Jerry The Movie (2021) Coming Soon

Tom And Jerry: A Brief Insight To The Movie

You will be amazed to know all the wild things that will take place in this movie! Tom and Jerry will have a really wild chase, which can now cause more serious troubles than anticipated. Most importantly, the plotline is such that it uncovers so many stories and subplots (which seem more like side quests). Now, to be exact, at the end of this movie, you will be sure of one fact that Tom and Jerry are always meant to be together-causing a lot of trouble and mischief. But as I said earlier, Tom and Jerry are not the only characters here. We have a lot of other staff members and guests.

Do you get an idea now? Yes, both of them will be in a hotel with many people buzzing around them all day! Now, this does add a different vibe to the movie since the cartoons were always or most of the time based inside the house. The madame was wearing the same clothes. Lawn, stairs, and even the doors were the same there! There are a lot of people in positions f great power who will influence the plotline greatly. Since right now, Tom does not have an owner. Both of them are entirely on their own now!

Tom & Jerry movie release date
Tom And Jerry The Movie (2021): A Scene from the live-action movie

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Tom and Jerry Movie Plotline

Tom and Jerry were kicked out. Yes, that is how tragic it gets right at the beginning of the movie! It sounds quite depressing, but worry not, we have a lot of good things upcoming! Now, the first set out together as if that might work. Well, it does not work (no element of surprise here). After this, they decided to go their own different ways in life and look after themselves. Here comes in the hotel.

We see precisely in the next scene how Jerry hit the jackpot! He is living in a hotel which is one of the best in New York City. Manhattan is where both Tom and Jerry decide to live. Don’t you think the fresh start in life was just not that fresh? Or is this just destiny. Though the movie aims to entertain simply, I would always like to believe otherwise. Without a proper moral or storyline to the story, we cannot be as emotional towards the movie as we expect it to be.

Jerry was obviously causing a lot of trouble in the place that he was living. Here is Tom to the reuse! And let me introduce you to the next important main character of the movie – This is a very important staff. Mr. Dubros, who employs Kayla, is now adding new trouble. We expect that whenever a person is employed to get rid of something, they will either get rid of it or reduce the nuisance created, right? This is not what happens here. Kayla is new and knows very little about how things work around there. She employs Tom to take care of Jerry so that he does not destroy the wedding of Ben and Preeta. Fun fact- for some reason, they were calling the wedding of the century.

Movie action scene
Tom & Jerry The Movie (2021): Tom chases Jerry in another action scene

Together, Tom and Jerry manage to cause a whole lot of hell all over the Hotel right at the wedding! Outraged with all this, the manager of the hotels now after Kayla. After all, Kayla was the one who got Tom to get a hold of Jerry, isn’t it? The big question is, what will the hotel manager Terrence do? Something too unbearable that all three of them have to do something out of the box to bring the movie to an end. The only way you can find out is by watching the movie!

Tom and Jerry: The Movie Cast and Release Date

We don’t have a lot of characters, but here goes the list- Michael Peña as Terrance, Colin Jost as Ben, Pallavi Sharda as Preeta, Chloë Grace Moretz as Kayla, Jordan Bolger as Cameron, and Rob Delaney as Mr. DuBros. The much-awaited film is expected to release on 26th February 2021 in the US.

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