Tokyo Manji Revengers Announced To Get Anime Adaptation in 2021

Wakui's Popular Manga Series "Tokyo Manji Revengers" Listed To Get An Anime Adaptation In 2021.

Tokyo Manji Revengers - Lead Characters
Tokyo Manji Revengers - Lead Characters

Tokyo Manji Revengers Anime was recently announced. Tokyo Manji Revengers is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, has been announced to receive a T.V Anime Adaptation in 2021. Kodansha’s popular Weekly Shonen Manga has been announced not only for an Anime adaptation but also for a Live-Action movie, which will be handled by Warner Bros. Japan. The Tokyo Manji Revengers Anime announcement has been one of the most anticipated announcements by fans all over the globe.

The live-action adaptation has been delayed to prioritize the health of the Actors involved amid the COVID 19 pandemic and it does have some big names involved in its cast. The Cast Members revealed so far: Takumi Kitamura will be playing the role of Takemichi Hanagaki. Yūki Yamada will be playing the role of Ken Ryuguji. Yosuke Sugino will be playing the role of  Naoto Tachibana. Nobuyuki Suzuki will be playing the role of  Masataka Shimizu. Hayato Isomura will be playing the role of Atsushi Sendo. Shotaro Mamiya will be playing the role of Tetta Kisaki. Ryo Yoshizawa will be playing the role of  Manjiro Sano.

Tokyo Manji Revengers - Live Action Cast
Tokyo Manji Revengers – Cast

The Anime adaptation is said to be premiered in 2021 but other than that nothing much is known about the anime adaptation. However, an official website for the “Tokyo Manji Revengers” has been made and is being used to provide any updates on the anime.

What Is “Tokyo Manji Revengers” About?

Tokyo Manji Revengers - Highly Anticipated Anime
Tokyo Manji Revengers – Highly-Anticipated Anime 2021

Tokyo Manji Revengers follows the life of a former delinquent, Takamichi Hanageki, who is currently living a dead-end, working at a part-time job where he is treated like an idiot, in a crappy apartment while still being hung up on his old girlfriend from middle school. One day, while watching the news he comes to know about the death of his middle school sweetheart at the hands of a criminal gang called the Tokyo Manji Gang. Now devastated by this news, Takamichi is just absolutely lost and the following day he’s pushed in front of an oncoming train, while he was waiting at the train station. This incident sends him back to his middle school self, now with the chance to both change his future as well as save his girlfriend’s life he decides to overthrow the top delinquent gang the whole of Kanto region.

Ken Wakui’s manga was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine back 2017 and currently has 17 volumes released with many more to come. The story is very dramatic, action-filled with some romantic aspects. It’s definitely a must-read for manga readers and worth the wait for anime watchers.

The teaser for the anime was released on the 18th of June, containing visual illustrations made by Wakui himself.