Timex Premium Active iConnect Smartwatch Specification, Details And Features Revealed

Timex Premium Active iConnect Smartwatch
Timex Premium Active iConnect Smartwatch Still

Timex Premium Active iConnect smartwatch has been officially launched in the South Asian Indian subcontinent. It’s expected that this new product from the company might be launching this product in other parts of the world in the upcoming days. The smartphone comes with different options providing more space for its customers in choosing between these two variants. Many smartwatch manufacturing companies are developing their devices with multiple advanced computational operations making them more user-friendly to attract a huge audience base towards the product. A soft silicone strap or a flexible stainless steel mesh band is the two different options that the smartwatch manufacturing company has developed to entertain the customers’ choice of preference.

iConnect Smartwatch Specification

It looks like this smartwatch comes with options like direct notifications for calls, texts, and calendar events. These are the basic options that are mostly found in the smartwatches while integrating with the smartphone device. These features alert the users about the notification where they can use the smartwatch user-interface in knowing about the updates and notifications. Heart rate sensors and sedentary reminders are the two different features and most expected options that are included with the smartwatch. 

It looks like the smartwatch might be coming up with many advanced options for providing a comfortable experience to its users.

The device comes with the IP68 water-resistant certification; this makes the device resistant to the water splash. Timex claims that the device offers up to five days of battery life, which makes it compete against the other smartwatches that are currently dominating the market. The silicone strap variant looks like a base variant, whereas another variant of the smartwatch comes with the stainless steel mesh strap looks slightly costlier than its previous model smartwatch. Two different color options are provided with each variant option where the strap variant comes with the Black and Pink color. The stainless steel model features silver and gold finishes providing a unique appearance to the smartwatch model.

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Timex Premium Active iConnect Smartwatch
Timex Premium Active iConnect Smartwatch Still

iConnect Smartwatch Features

The device looks like a rectangular-shaped 36mm dial, which gets a rounded corner on all four edges. The device display comes with the touchscreen display unit making it more prominent. This option allows the user to communicate with the smartwatch through their hand gesture operations. The display of the smartwatch comes with a metal frame surrounding all four sides providing extra support. IP68 water-resistant option is something that makes the device durable against stress and hard conditions. Timex 2 mobile app is the mobile software application that allows Timex Premium Active iConnect to integrate with the smartphone.

The sleep tracking feature of the device makes it far better than analyzing the modes of sleep as high, normal, and deep. These features provide glimpses of information about the rest time that the user needs to concentrate on their everyday schedule. Activity tracking is something that continuously tracks the user’s activity through their hand gesture operation. It’s clear that Timex is actively involving in developing these devices, which comes with some of the additional computational operations making it more user-friendly. It’s reported that the device also has a music playback support feature.