Theater Opening In UK Has Been Rescheduled

Borris Johnson
Borris Johnson Press Release Still

European and Asian continents have been the major hub for many million-dollar entertainment projects. Most of the big-budget films have been put on hold for more than six months which began soon after the global lockdown. Many might have already come across the facts that have been revolving around the social networking sites regarding the kick-starting films and television series. Meanwhile, Theaters have also faced numerous losses during the past six months. Most of the expected films of this year have reached the audience in various regions of different parts of the countries through video-on-demand service. It has become evident that online video streaming platforms are the next generation entertainment medium reaching millions of the audience through their handy electronic gadgets.

Opening of Theaters in the United Kingdom has been postponed with a fear of coronavirus. Boris Johnson has explained that decision of opening the theaters during this crucial phase has increased the chances of the spread of deadly viruses.  Johnson has also clarified that recent spike in the cases has made his team of experts to reconsider the decision of opening of theaters for another week. It was earlier announced that the theaters in various regions of the United Kingdom will be opened early on August 8th but recently the decision was postponed for another week to August 15th.

It’s said that delay in opening the theaters will considerably favor the government in fighting against the pandemic that been dominating the world economic progress for more than half the year. Its also been clarified that even after the opening of theaters many of the preventive measures will be followed in a mandatory circumstance to prevent public health and hygiene from the threats. Each individual will be allowed to enter the cinema hall after checking his body temperature and wearing a mask has become mandatory. Johnson has also announced during one of his press meetings that people will be encouraged to wear a face mask while coming in contact with the temporary people they usually won’t meet often in their regular day to day life.

People willing to visit public places such as museums, galleries, cinemas, and places of worship are advised to maintain a meter distance with another person. Many restaurants and theater owners have already come forward in welcoming the decision with a midset to put the health and hygiene of the customers before reopening. It’sare alow clear that even if the theaters are allowed to operate many restrictions will be placed like 50% of the audience following the social distancing. Theaters have to reschedule their films and programs based on the number of audiences. There many big-budget films waiting to reach the theaters soon after the lockdown. Big production companies are willing to book their release schedule to launch their films to reach the audience through traditional theatrical release.

Theater Management is closely working with the public hygiene department in planning its hassle-free reopening. There will be many precautionary activities that will be carried out to reduce the chance of getting affected by the disease. Moviegoers have become excited about knowing about the announcement about the reopening of theaters by expressing their happiness by posting on social media and writing blogs. It’s expected that there won’t be any further delays in the reopening of theaters by considering the losses incurred by the theater’s owners also a huge list of films that are waiting for more than four months.