The Venture Bros Season 7 Release Date is Cancelled – Creator, Christopher McCulloch Confirms.

The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros is sadly canceled after running for the past fifteen years. The show premiered seven seasons before getting canceled for its 8th installment. The pilot of the show first came out back in 2003, and the first season was released on August 7, 2004. After being loved by millions, the show will now officially end as confirmed by the creator, Christopher McCulloch. The Venture Bros is an action-comedy Americal adult animated series airing on Cartoon Network’s late-night programming, Adult Swim.

The Venture Bros follows the adventure of the Venture family. Moreover, the family includes sweet and sheltered teens, Hank and Dean living with their smart father, Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, who is also a scientist.

The show is one of the most liked adult animation series, but, eventually, all good things come to an end. And, so, it happened. The reason behind the cancellation was unveiled by the creator. So, let’s go ahead and get to know about the show for one last time:

Reason Behind The Drop

Christopher McCulloch, who also goes by his pen name, Jackson Publick, is the creator of the show. And, he was the one who delivered the sad news on Monday. “Unfortunately, it’s true: #VentureBros has been canceled,” he wrote in his tweet. He also revealed that they got the news a month ago while they were preparing and writing for season 8. He continued and thanked the fans for being with them for almost a stretch of 17 years. In the end, he said, “And, as always, We love you”. McCulloch and co-writer Doc Hammer also voiced many characters on the show.

The Venture Bros

James Urbaniak, who voiced Dr. Venture and many others on the show, also confirmed the news in a sad and heartwarming tweet. He said it [The Venture Bros] is one of the greatest gifts of his life and career.

The show is a parody of Johnny Quest and features the adventures of the Venture family along with their bodyguard and countless enemies.

The series consists of 83 episodes over seven seasons, with super-long breaks and wait between each of them.

Adult Swim’s Last Try 

After the news was out, Adult Swim tried to revive the series and also tweeted on the thought of it. They confirmed that the network is currently looking for ways to continue the show. The tweet also said that they want more ‘The Venture Bros’, and they have been working with Jackson and Doc to find ways to continue the show.