The Sleepover Netflix Movie Release Date and Trailer

The American action comedy film ‘The Sleepover’ is beautifully directed by Trish Sie (who is also known for his valuable contribution in All In). Sarah Rothschild gave her valuable contribution to the film in terms of screenplay. The chief star cast of the movie comprises of Sadie Stanley (also popular for her role in Kim Possible) as Clancy, Maxwell Simkins as Kevin, Cree Cicchino (famous for her contribution in Game Shakers) as Mim, Lucas Jaye as Lewis, Ken Marino (who also starred in Marry Me) as Ron, Joe Manganiello (was seen in the HBO series True Blood) as Leo and Malin Åkerman (who has been showcased in various television roles) as Margot.

The Sleepover is produced by Mickey Liddell and Pete Shilaimon is already available on Netflix after releasing on 21st August 2020. The foot-tapping music to the movie has been rendered by Germaine Franco while beautiful craftsmanship in terms of cinematography is given by Conrad W. Hall. The film is 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes) long which showcases the scene to scene edits by Jonathan Schwartz. The film went into production in August 2019 with LD Entertainment producing and Netflix distributing the same. The principal photography of the movie also began in August 2019.


What is the plot of the movie The Sleepover?

In the film we see that Clancy and Kevin who are siblings come to a realization that their mum who appears to be normal may actually be otherwise. They seem to make that she might be a thief previously in the witness protection. So, they make attempts to save their mum while coming to terms with various happenings from her past.


As per certain critical reviews about the movie, the film is filled with roughness while displaying lame humor and always howling kids who seem to reach nowhere. This might lead the parents to pull away from their kids from watching the movie.

Although there were contrasting opinions to the same saying that it was a fun-filled film which is suitable for the audience of all age groups. Certain incidents were highly catchy and some others kept the viewers hooked to see what happens next. Though not entailing any deep message within, it manages to pull through.

Their mom is more or less seen as the most boring one who is very strict and sometimes irritating. In addition to that, we see that all the children have access to the phone excluding Clancy who is not even permitted to go to the parties. One is thing is for sure that no one is going to sleep on this sleepover. Have you watched this film yet? If not, watch it as soon as you can. We are waiting to hear what your thoughts about the movie are.