The Little Things: To Premiere In Late January 2021

2021 has quite a lot of crime movies coming up, The Little Things Is One Of Them

The Little Things Poster

I hope I have found all my readers in very good health today. After New Year,’ it seems like a lot of new movies are to come up. Well, this is because of the vaccine development. Last year most of the productions along with the filming were paused. Well, this is obviously because of the still ongoing pandemic and the criteria of social distancing. Movies, shows, and many games had late release dates. It looks like The Little Tings is one of those movies that managed to survive the hurdles and filmed along with the guidelines. After all, most of the related programs are making a comeback.

In this article, we will discuss The Little Things, which a major upcoming hit of early 2021. It is really a good start off to the year with such masterpieces. Most importantly, it is fresh content and not just a mushy movie from a typical background. Most important, according to my opinion- psychological crimes are making a huge comeback. The Little Things is no different. So, let us get started with all that we know about this new Hollywood soon-to-be hit!

The Little Things Movie Rami Malek
The Little Things 2021: The upcoming Iconic Duo

The Little Things: Movie Details

We have seen movies about crime and the cops working together with detectives (except for Holmes, he hated them). However, The Little things are absolutely true to its name. It is, indeed, about the little things around us that we notice (and sometimes don’t). The Kent County Deputy ad the detective from Los Angeles are the main points of focus here, being the main characters.

The Plot is rather simple, or so it seems. There is a serial killer in town. Oh, how I wish it was 2015 again, and people were being chased by clowns and not something as concerning as a serial killer. Obviously, at present times, it is a great issue, and everyone either wants to be a part of solving it or too far away from whatever concerns the serial killer. In the midst of all this, we have our detective along with the cop, who are trying their best in different ways. Or, are they? In the modern era of Netflix series like ‘You’ and many more serial killing stories, we can find something completely different in this movie.

Now, what do you think is the main theme of this story in the movie? It is a neo-noir psychological crime movie. Those are some really complicated words for all of us. We know what a psychological crime is; that genre is quite common and lost overused. Some famous examples are ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Joker.’ But the term neo-noir actually makes things more specific. Noir itself is a completely different genre, which means dark or twisted. And neo-noir together is basically the stylish and more Hollywood version of noir, with a lot of class and sass factor to it. Imagine an Agatha Christie and Charolette Bronte books crossover! If that doesn’t excite you about The Little Things, then I don’t know what will!

The Little Things movie scene
The Little Things 2021: Rami Malek and Denzel Washington expressing their suspicion towards Jared in the movie

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The Little Things: Production, Location, And Filming

Who does not know Warner Bros Pictures? They are the ones releasing the majority of the movies (probable hits, I suppose). Also, do you remember Snowwhite and the Hunstman? It was much of a romantic or fantasy movie. However, the theme, environment, and the whole vibe in that blue-toned movie hit us differently. The Little Things, too, is one such movie in a cold dark setting. John Lee Hancock has directed some amazing movies in such themes. However, he is known for directing a wider genre of movies like Bad Boys 2 and Saving Mr. Banks. These were fun movies, but I assure you, The Little things is going to be something absolutely different. John Lee also directed The Highway Men in 2018-2019; you might see something similar. A duo of some really strong men is his strong point, I guess!

As far as production is concerned, this too is in good hands, better- if anything! Beginning from The Notebook, Narnia Chronicles to Sherlock Holmes; Mark Johnson has done it all! The exciting fact is that Hancock and Johnson have worked together previously in creating ‘The Perfect World’ (A good pun never goes to waste). I think the Sherlock Holmes reference was vital because it gives us an assurance that we can expect a masterpiece. The previous works are proof of that! Before releasing The Little Things, you can go over and watch the movies made in the same category by Lee.

The Little Things Cast
The Little Things: All The Main Characters Cast members

The trailer was out quite some time ago. You can watch that on official HBO pages or just go over on Youtube and watch Warner bros’ trailer. Pictures!

Cast Members And Release Date Of The Little Things

If you are reading this, make some noise for Rami Malek! This man has been amazing! The versatility in playing different roles, beginning from Bohemian Rhapsody to Dolittle. Well, he was in twilight too! But this isn’t the only upcoming movie for him. He is also in ‘No Time To Die,’ which is set to release in 2021. It looks like he’s going to have more hits than ever this year!

Rami Malek will play Jimmy Baxter, an LAPD Detective, and Denzel Wahington is Sherriff Joe Deacon. The other characters in The Little Things are- Joris Jarsky as Detective Sergeant Rogers, Natalie Morales as Detective Jamie Estrada, Chris Bauer Detective Sal Rizoli, Michael Hyatt as Flo Dunigan, Jared Letto as Albert Sparma, and Terry Kinney as LASD Captain Carl Farris. Do you really think Jared is the killer? I guess you have to watch the movie yourself to find out.

The movie is soon to be out on the 29th of January 2021, which is just a week away from now! Stay tuned for more such updates on your favorite movies and series.

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