The List Of Top 5 Must Watch Japanese Movies On Netflix Is Here

Japanese movies on Netflix

Everything about Japan is beautiful. Whether it’s their culture, their fashion, or their philosophies. Moreover, one more thing that people love about Japan is their anime and movies. Japanese movies represent the plot in the clearest way possible. With amazing storylines and innovative anime technologies, Japanese cinema is one of its own kind. Luckily, films of foreign genres are available to people from any part of the world because of streaming platforms.

Japanese Movies

However, the most common streaming device used worldwide is Netflix. It has a variety of content to stream and one can choose according to its liking. And, now that we are talking about Japanese films, let’s have a look at these top 5 Japanese movies present on Netflix right now. I will also mention the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for better reference.


1. The Forest Of Love. (RT: 100%)

100% ratings, quite interesting, right? The Forest of Love is a 2019 Japanese crime film by Sion Sono. But, I should tell you not to judge it by its title. It sure does sound like a romantic movie but is completely the opposite. The film spins around the murders, tortures, and extortions that took place in Kyushu, Japan, from the 1990s to the 2000s. It follows the story of some aspiring filmmakers and Joe Murata. They want to design a movie based on Murata’s character, who is an evil man. But, soon manipulative and enigmatic Murata creates a problem for the group creating issues among them. The Forest of Love will keep you looking for more and more. Moreover, The movie is based on a true story.

2. In This Corner Of The World (RT: 97%)

In This Corner of the World clearly reflects the time period of war and emotions. Directed by Sunao Katabuchi, In This Corner of the World is an animated wartime movie about a teenage girl who gets married to a man whom she barely knows. Set in the 40s, just a decade before the Hiroshima explosion, Suzu lives with her parents and work at their nori shop. Her life changes after she gets married and the story evolves beautifully as she changes from a girl to a woman. The movie is slightly long for teens but truly a beauty and a touching movie.

3. A Silent Voice (RT:94%)

A Silent Voice is an Animated Japanese teen drama film directed by Naoko Yamada. This award-winning anime reflects the relationship between a bully and a girl with a hearing disability. Partially romantic, the movie majorly reflects on the communication problem we face in society.

Japanese film

Upon their first meeting, Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya possess a very different personality, and later Shoya stars picking up on Shoko for her disability. However, years later the 2 meet again, things change as Shoya finds himself as the lesser person and the victim. A Silent Voice is a must for all the teenagers out there, it will help you in ways you never thought.

4. Flavours of Youth: International Version (RT: 80%)

Everything about this movie is pleasing. Whether its the food or the variety of love we get to see. Flavors of Youth: International Version, displays three different stories of youth from three different towns of China. The movie actually follows an anthology pattern and present three-mini films. The films follow the deep connections between different relationships among family, siblings, and young love.

Flavors of Youth is a feel-good movie, so, you can watch it on a good day as well as on your bad day to lighten up a little. It is definitely a film for everyone.

5. 37 Seconds (RT: 85%)

37 Seconds is a Netflix original Japanese drama film by Hikari. The film spins around the life of Yuma, a young Japanese woman who is suffering from cerebral palsy. Yuma is a 23-year-old comic artist who is constantly juggling between her life decisions. The story follows her commitment towards her family and her struggle to become a manga artist. 37 Seconds follows the determined Yuma as she defies her infantilizing mother and battled with her coworker and friend Sayaka. In the end, she walks away to find herself and embarks on an adventure.