The King’s Man Release Date – Kingsman Prequel Movie

‘The King’s Man’ is a prequel to the spy series by the name Kingsman. It was supposed to make its theatrical debut on September 18, 2020. However, now due to a variety of reasons it has been delayed. Disney, streaming service is going to launch The King’s Man. There are no shift in plans of Disney while premiering The New Mutants or The Personal History of David Copperfield so why only The King’s Man is delayed? Read on to find out.

We were not so shocked when he heard that it has been postponed. This was sole because, in terms of promoting the sequel, the production had made little to no efforts yet. And with September around the corner, you cannot deal with that. In addition to that, they also faced the consequences of the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has not only affected one sector but almost all the sectors on the earth and has brought life to a complete shutdown.


As of now, for the new release to be announced, they made their decision after detailed contemplating and evaluating every situation. Besides that, in the past, we have seen that The King’s Man had been delayed. Ever since it was supposed to release in November 2019, it has seen a series of constant postponements.

This prequel has been amazingly set by none other than 20th Century Fox. The plot of the movie circulates around the beginning of the private British intelligence service, which is well established in the following movies Kingsman: The Secret Service as well as Kingsman: The Golden Circle of 2017. The direction to the movie has been rendered by Matthew Vaughn (also known for X-Men: First Class). These movies became a blockbuster in the theatres as soon as they came out. In fact, they generated revenue of around $800 million globally collectively.

What will one see in The King’s Man?


The set up of this prequel is supposed to be in the early 1900s. It displays the ancient dictators along with crime lords. This brutal duo comes together as they decide to craft out a plan in order to originate a war. The main purpose of this strategy is to wipe out millions of individuals from the face of earth.

The chief cast members consist of Ralph Fiennes, Djimon Hounsou, Gemma Arterton, and Daniel Brühl. This prequel, The King’s Man is supposed to now release on 26th February 2021. We can only hope that this does not get delayed any further. And as of now, we can expect that it does not face any repercussions due to the virus while releasing in 2021. Are you excited for this prequel? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear it from you!