The Kingdom Chapter 665: Spoilers Teases Kyou Rei Teaming Up with Hi Shin

Bug manga fan? You are just in time! Know more about the new release of The Kingdom- Chapter 665

Poster For The Kingdom Chapter 665

Kingdom Chapter 665 has been rising in fame since it released the first chapter on January 26th, 2006. That is a very long time ago. Since then, this manga series has been gaining worldwide approval of both critics and the target audience. We also included fan theories, reviews, and ways to stream this manga series. Now, let’s begin.

It has been confirmed that Kyou Rei will replace Hi Shin as the lead antagonist. For some of you, that might be a little sad. However, She is bloodthirsty and waiting to get her hands dirty.

The Kingdom Chapter 665: Plotline And Expectations

Kyou Rei has joined forces with Hi Shin and wants to terminate as many people as possible. Her attendance is proven fatal to Hairou’s squad. Plus, her participation was the only thing that made Infantry’s first comeback victory was possible. Now that’s scary! This is why we expect Hara to play a more important role in the recovery of Kyou Kai. Fans will like to know that this manga issue will release without any break after two whole weeks.

The Kingdom Chapter 665 Spoilers
The Ending Page Of The Kingdom’s Previous Chapter

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Our beloved characters, as well as the fans, were suspicious of her actions when she left her village. Her intentions to join the Hi Shin unit was completely spontaneous and surprising to the characters and fans alike. To add more to our surprise, Rei’s experiences in the Shiyuu trials made her wanting for more bloodshed and apparently. After all, she wants to vent her frustration by killing people.

When Can We Expect The Kingdom’s Chapter 665?

According to official manga websites and sources, this fan-favorite series is set to drop on December 24th, a Thursday. However, the official chapter title has not been released yet. There is no official site for streaming this renowned series but a weekly magazine that features the latest issues. The Kingdom chapter 665 manga’s English translation can be read on the official website. But for you manga buffs and for those of you too impatient to wait for the official release, don’t worry; we have your back. You can read the Kingdom 665 English translation before it’s the official release on Weekly Youth Magazine. However, it’s advisable to wait for the official release to support the creators.

Fans will also be delighted to know that their beloved characters will be once again voiced by the lovable actors who have voiced them for the past chapters (in the animated series version). We will see Adam Fedyk returning as Muta, Masakazu Morita as Lin Xin, Jun Fukuyama as Yon Zheng, Akio Kati as Teng, Rikiya Koyama as Wang Qi, Rie Kugimia as He Liao Diao. Then we have Koki Miyata as Jeng Jiao, Yukata Nakano as Chang Wen-Jun, Mie Sonazaki as Yang Duan He, Koji Yusa as Bi, Tessho Genda as Ryo Fui, and finally Yoko Hikasa as Qiang Lie.

As we come to an end of this article, you can see that we have secured the release dates, spoilers, and cast list, especially for your manga buffs. According to your taste, to stay tuned to the apps of today’s world, stay tuned to our channel for articles and spoilers. 

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