The Invisible City: Are The Brazilian Myths True?

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Invisible City Characters

I hope all my readers are doing well today. Today, I am going to bring about something unique and absolutely out of the world today for this article. I think we all have different folk tales, stories (some nightmarish), and some really blessing ones. However, if we recall, all these things have one thing in common most of the time: Fantasy. One such series based on the mythical creatures of Brazil is Invisible City. Netflix is going through a lot recently. It was holding down all the upcoming movies and series because of the pandemic. Now, all the pending seasons are starting to release and it seems so chaotic! Honestly, we have a hard time choosing the shows to binge watch daily. Get ready to finish all the seven episodes of Invisible City in one sitting!

The interesting fact about this is that this seems to be a fresh idea from something completely out of the world. And to add the cherry on top, the directors and cast members are something to be admired too (for personal reasons). Well, keep reading because I am going to discuss as well as disclose it all to you.

Invisible City scene
Invisible City: The opening scenes from the series

Invisible City: A Brief Insight To The Upcoming Series

How many of you have gone to a beach and been really excited about all the dolphins there? Well, this movie is all about that, but instead of dolphins, we have something better. If you think the fantasy genre is for kids, you can watch your Game Of thrones in chaos (I didn’t mean to call everyone out like that). Coming back to Invisible City- we all would love to escape and step into a different. Reality gets too complex sometimes. This Invisible City will heal your complexity and take you somewhere else.

Invisible City starts off with a drastic development in the main character’s life right in the beginning. Environmental Policemen are the best and they do deserve all the good that exists in this world. But our character here goes through the death of a closed one- his wife. This breaks him completely and his incapability to cope with this loss, which is obvious, is also quite unbearable. But things are about to change pretty soon. And they will change for the better.

Soon after the death of his wife, there is a life-changing discovery. A pink Dolphin turns up on the very famous and vibrant beach of Rio De Janerio. This leads the characters to the Invisible City. In an old Tumblr post, I had once read that maybe mythical creatures never stopped existing; they just mixed and merged with us, humans. For example, a personally naturally talented in weapons is Athena descendent or biking. The pretty music girls could have been fairies and people with water, fire, and earth powers. This aspect is put to use in Invisible City. In the beginning, the death and the next series of actions might seem completely unrelated, but there is more to it than we actually expect.

Zenobia: Another Invisible City which is known for works of art and architecture similar to this

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Carlos Saldanha’s First Live-Action Series

Have you ever heard of Carlos Saldanha? No? Well, I bet everyone has enjoyed the movies from him quite a lot! Beginning from all the parts of ice-age to Rio. It seems like Carlos is just a person who can do a lot to contribute absolutely all for Brazil. Yes, Brazil is a beautiful country! In fact, there are so many movies and animated versions too which overlook the tales from Brazil. Seashore, Jonas, and Vazante are some of the most popularly known movies based in Brazil. I think mythical creatures are something common to all. In fact, do you all remember La Llorona? That, too, was from a horror genre but not too different.

In fact, Saldanha was nominated for a lot of things, including his animated work, obviously. He was nominated to receive an Oscar for his work way back in 2004 for Gone Nutty. This was a short film. Then recently, in 2018, Carlos was nominated once again for Best Featured Animated Movie (not a short movie this time) for Ferdinand. You can be sure that Invisible City will be a hit! Though this is his first live-action movie, he is not new to the industry and its ways.

Carlos Saldanha told us all about this new movie over an interview. It seems like the kids and teenager sections of the internet are going bonkers over it. It does look like it is going to be a lot of fun. Beto Gauss and Francesco Civita produced the show. I think Caito Ortiz, Maita Pullman, and Marco Anton will contribute a lot to the film. They are all from Prodigo Films. Though Prodigo has not done many works that you might know, it isn’t very alien to the other audiences from Brazil. Rio Breaks and Motoboys: Vida Loca are some movies that absolutely justify Brazilian descent. Most importantly, I think you will want more of Prodigy Films once you watch Invisible City.

Invisible City Cover Picture
Invisible City: Poster For The Upcoming Series

When can we expect Invisible City to release?

The cast list is pretty exciting too with a few favorite faces including some of the rising stars. Marco Pigossi and Alessandra Negrini are the main point of focus here. Other than them we have Jessica Córes, Manu Diegues, Fábio Lago, Julia Konrad, José Dumont, Wesley Guimarães, Victor Sparapane and Áurea Maranhão.

We know the release date exactly! Invisible City is going to be out soon on 5th February. It is up for a huge hut in the industry. The trailer is out, and you can watch it on YouTube. However, if you would like to check out more details, you can go over to Netflix for more details. Stay tuned to our page for more details about your favorite movies, series, and more!

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