The Idhun Chronicles Season 2: When will season 2 arrive on Netflix?

The Idhun Chronicles Season 2
The Idhun Chronicles S2

Netflix is the most streaming platform ever made to date. It showcases some of the most awesome content ever hosted on the Internet. You will find shows across genres on the American hosting platform. Among various categories, Netflix has a vast catalog of brilliant anime and other types of animated content. Anime is one of the most popular forms of content enjoyed by viewers around the world.

Can anyone deny loving anime? No one. We like anime for its brilliant animation, the awesome plotline, and the way it bridges the gap between the real world and the fictional landscape. The personality of the anime characters also has a lasting impact on us. They, too, spark fan following and social media buzz.

So, anime is quite popular. That means the anime genre should be filled with competition. The answer is a big yes. Here comes the importance of quality. Not many anime leaves a lasting impact like that of “The Idhun Chronicles” in 2020. Finally, we came to the anime, whose details you will get below.

The Idhun Chronicles is the first Spanish anime produced by the streaming platform Netflix. Viewers and critics loved the S1 of the anime series. Let’s reveal the S2 details of ‘The Idhun Chronicles’:

When Will Idhun Chronicles Season 2 Release Date Everywhere in the World?

The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
The Idhun Chronicles Poster

Season 2 of the Spanish anime show has much to offer to its fans. But before we get into the plot details, let’s know The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 Release Date. As dedicated fans, we need to know the S2 premiere time so that we can prepare ourselves beforehand. Why? We don’t want to miss any action from the brand new Spanish Season.

Here we begin our Release Date Info for viewers across the world:

The Spanish Anime will release on 8th January 2021 (Friday) at midnight PST on Netflix. So all those viewers who follow Pacific Time, prepare yourselves accordingly. Have a good sleep in the afternoon for blockbuster midnight!

Season 2 will premiere at 2 AM Central Time on 8th January (Friday) on Netflix. Sacrifice your sleep for a blockbuster night show!

The Spanish show will release at 3 AM Eastern Time on 8th January 2021 (Friday). For British viewers, the release time is 8 AM GMT. Same day. 8th January.

Brexit Remaining Europe! The rest of the continent will see the S2 release at 9 AM CET.

Finally, we come to Japan and Australia. Japanese will rise at 5 PM JST, and the Australian will watch the show at 6:30 PM ACDT on 8th January 2021.

What is Idhun Chronicles Season 2’s Plot?

The release date is revealed! What next? As we have already said, animes are popular for their plotline. The Idhun Chronicles is a Spanish anime is about a boy who battles against his parent’s killer. He also saves the planet in the process. The Spanish show is voiced in English.

The show includes actors like Sergio Mur, Michelle Jenner, and Nico Romero as its lead characters. Season 2 of the show will have a total of 5 episodes, just like Season 1. Your favorite Spanish show has a 5.3/10 rating on IMDb.

The story of the Spanish show starts with the necromancer named Ashran. He causes terror to take over the planet Earth. There are more actions taking place on the same Earth. An impulsive teenager named Jack and a spring wizard named Victoria face terrific attacks by an assassin Kirrash. He is sent by Ashran on a mission to demolish the Earth. The fantasy series is produced by Zeppelin TV for Netflix. The show is written by Laura Gallego and is based on The Idhðn’s Memories Book saga. You can watch the first season on Netflix.

Who are in Idhun Chronicles Season 2’s Voice Cast and Characters?

The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 Voice Cast
The Idhun Chronicles Characters

Any successful show needs a quality cast crew. The present Spanish anime show is no different. Let’s reveal some of the major characters of the fantasy series:

Itzan Escamilla voices Jack, Michelle Jenner voices Victoria, Nico Romero voices Shail, and Sergio Mur voices Kirtash. We will also see Carlos Cuevas as Alsan, Pep Ribas as Elrion, along with others.

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