The Fable Manga Review And Updates

Katsuhira Minami's Manga "The Fable" One Of The Most Criminally Underrated Manga Out There, Definitely Worth Checking Out.

The fable Manga

The manga follows the story of a highly skilled Assassin who works for an organization called “The Fable”. After killing way too many people in one year, the Boss orders this Assassin to lay low for a year in Osaka. This was an attempt to improve the ability of the Assassin to blend into society as and when required, while also laying low and getting the feds off his back.

This Assassin and his Driver both were assigned new names and were to act as siblings for a year. The assassin was given the name Akira Satou while his driver was given the name Youko Satou. Both of them are highly experienced and skilled in the underground world’s business, hence this one year off turned out to be a funny yet thriller time because of unexpected circumstances.

the fable
Katsuhisa Minami’s Comedic Seinen Manga “The Fable”

Akira and Youko both were to live as normally as they can in Osaka and were free to do anything they wanted except for one condition, and that was no killing for one year. In the case of this condition being broken, they were to receive a severe punishment. Youko Satou, the more normal of the two, is very happy and excited to finally get a year off so she can fool around with men and just relax. Now Akira Satou, who spent his entire life killing people night in and night out didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

Akira Satou is a very odd character, he is very eccentric and blunt, lacking any social skills and has difficulty with anything that involves understanding others and relating to them emotionally. He’s very calculative but also at the same time very insensitive, and doesn’t have any hobbies or interests, so basically a white canvas as a character. Except for one thing, he absolutely loves this one T.V. comedian most consider a third rate or boring named Jackal Fujioka, no matter what this Jackals character does Akira finds him funny.

The story is absolutely refreshing and fun to read, despite having Sennin aspects to the story, the manga still manages to appeal to a wide demographic. Watch as the Satou Siblings get used to their new life of taking stuff easy for a year and all the while trying not to kill anyone.

Written and Illustrated by Katsuhisa Minami, “The Fable” is a Senin manga filled with action and drama to keep the readers engaged. The manga has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen magazine Young Magazine (Weekly) back in 2014 and currently has 22 volumes published in Japan but only 7 of those volumes have been translated in English so far.

The Fable | Live-Action Adaptation

Although the Manga “The Fable” doesn’t have an anime adaptation, it still managed to get a live action adaptation. The movie was released in 2019 and was Directed by Kan Eguchi, the Screenplay was written by Watanabe Yusuke, it was a fun movie to watch that had pretty decent acting and directing. IMDb gave the movie a 6.5 out of 10, but despite the low rating I’d still recommend this movie.

The fable