The Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 – Will we see a face-off between Denji and Makima?

The Chainsaw Man Chapter 96

With the release of Chainsaw Man Chapter 95, many fans are incredibly excited about Chainsaw Man Chapter 96. The battle between Makima and Denji is in full effect, and this battle will determine the course of the story for a while to come. Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 will be crucial as it will probably conclude the battle between Makima and Denji, which so far is just a one sided beating. In this article, we’ll recap what happened in the recent chapter and also discuss the Release Date of the upcoming Chainsaw Man Chapter 96.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 95 | Recap

The latest chapter, titled “Chainsaw Man vs. The Devil Of Domination,” opens with Makima using her ability to like herself to her subordinates before reviving Denji. Despite Denji receiving all the damage just a few moments ago, he is ready to go for another round. Still, whenever he lands a solid hit on Makima, the damage is transferred to her subordinates. So all the damage Makima is landing on Denji is taking a toll on him, but Makima is only fighting without taking a bit of damage. After completely immobilizing Denji, Makima begins explaining that Denji isn’t the Chainsaw Man as, according to her, the Chainsaw Man doesn’t talk, doesn’t wear clothes, and doesn’t spit. To Makima, the Chainsaw Man does everything in the extreme, and she still doesn’t understand why the Chainsaw Man chose Denji, who lacks all of the traits.

The Chainsaw Man Chapter 96

After giving this speech, Makima proceeds to pull Denji’s heart out of his body, leaving him in a pool of his blood and organs. Makima claims that if all Denji is going to get in the way, he might as well die. This is when the manga chapter concludes, making the fans almost throw a fit of rage because of how one-sided the battle was.

What Can We Expect In The Chainsaw Man Chapter 96?

Judging from the way the story has been going for a while, there are two possible things that could happen in the upcoming chapter. First, Denji will probably go into his Full Chainsaw Man mode and proceed to fight Makima in a final battle. This is very likely as in the previous chapter; we see that Makima has used up all her Subordinates to transfer all the damage she received from Denji, meaning both of them are finally on an equal footing. Secondly, Denji would be saved by one of his remaining comrades, but that isn’t likely as that would be like a repeat of the last battle between Denji and Makima.

These are all mere speculations as the Raw Scans haven’t come out yet, and as a result, the Translations aren’t out yet either. So as of now, all we can do is wait for the raw scans or speculate what will happen in the next chapter.

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When Is Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 Releasing?

According to sources, the Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 will be released on the 6th of December 2020. The upcoming chapter is a must-read as it will probably conclude the battle between Denji and Makima. This would also mean that Denji can then proceed to go and revive Power as he was instructed to. The worst-case scenario is that Denji will be out of commission for a while, and Makima will have gotten away with the victory as Pochita is no longer a part of Denji. We’ll have to see what is in store for Denji in next week’s chapter.

All in all, we’ll be updating you regarding The Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 as, and when more information about it is released, so please look forward to it.

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