Tenet Skips US Theatrical Release

Tenet Still

The release date of  Tenet is one of the most asked questions of this year, both internet community spaces and also among the entertainment enthusiast. Legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan is behind the making of Tenet. It’s been a highly anticipated movie which release date is getting delayed for more than six months in a row. Production has announced that the movie will be released internationally other than US theaters. This decision came due to the unhealthy condition that the country is facing in bringing down the curve. Warner Bros. studio has announced that the film will be released more than 70 international territories including many countries in Europe and Asia. The movie will be released on August 26th for the audience. Tenet will be released on selected theatres located in the US on analyzing the number of cases and avoiding hotspots like California.

Executive producers of the film have discussed the adverse effects of releasing the film in selected theatres will definitely affect the course of box-office collection. Releasing the film without a huge opening in the United States won’t be something that makes the movie reach a huge audience. There were talks that Nolan’s film might get released through online video streaming platforms like any other films which are released through these services these days so that audience can enjoy the film. On considering that these services won’t provide a huge box-office collection like releasing in theatres. The decision to release the film city by city clearly shows how desperate Warner Bros. willing to put the movie out. John Stankey, CEO of  AT&T has announced that Tenet is not the kind of movie that gets to be released on the phase-wise.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan Standing in the Shadows

Many visual scripts have been delayed for the last couple of months. This is due to the reason that most of the theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom have been closed for a quite along time. Making the movie reaching the audience is getting a Fastlane due to the pressure of money invested in the film. As disclosed earlier the film is produced with a huge amount of $200 million dollars. The production company finds it hard to plan for the summer blockbuster. Two big companies in the entertainment industry have been rescheduling the release date of their films multiple times in the last couple of months. These two companies are Warner Bros. and Disney with their films Tenet and Mulan. Some of the entertainment critics have expressed their ideas through online platforms to release the film during the mid of 2021. Entertainment companies are already facing huge revenue losses in the current year due to the ongoing situation. They need to find some way or another in generating revenue to take forward their business in the upcoming years.

There are few instances in recent times that Hollywood movie producing companies have chosen to move their film through the digital medium. Warner Bros. moved its animated Scooby-Doo into their own streaming service, HBO Max, whereas Disney has taken the Hamilton movie to the audience in a similar way. During the first phase of the release, most of the European countries like France, Germany, Italy along with other countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Russia, and the United Kingdom will get the official release. It’s quite a big surprise that Nolan’s movie is getting a stage-wise release in spite of having a great response rate around the world.