TCL Launched New 2020 TV Series


TCL has announced their new lineup of midrange 5- and 6-series 4K TVs for this current year.  TCL has been producing quality television models at affordable prices making it available for the general public. Similar to the previous model of their television segment, it’s expected that this model comes with a handful of features. TCL television models are known for good design and four HDMI ports.  It’s hard to find too many HDMI ports in similar range models.  The built-in Roku software was primarily designed to eliminate the need to buy an external streaming device which might cost the customers extra penny.

If your someone who wish to spend your time playing high definition animation games, this television model might be your perfect choice. It comes with the HDR support which assures to provide you with a well-oiled animation experience. On HDR included in the television set manufacturer claims that “HDR Pro Pack”, with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. On a commercial aspect, the company has provided some of the most expected features like contrast-rich QLED screens and accurate Mini-LED backlighting. These features join the device without much pricing assuring the quality and standards.


TCL 50-inch 5-series TV costs $400. It’s quite amazing that Television set has advanced features like  QLED screen, a 60Hz refresh rate panel, and 40 local dimming zone. If you looking for something to support the higher-end stands better to stay away from the product. TCL series released recently will satisfy those who are looking for the mid-range television sets. Along with this model, the manufacture has launched similar other models to satisfy the audience’s entertainment taste. The television series is available in various other screen sizes which varies slightly.  Other models launched by TCL are 55-inch version which costs $650 another version with 65-inch costs $900.

Along with this mid-range version, TCL has also launched a higher version with a 75-inch model which costs around $1,400. These models will be available through online e-commerce stores during the initial phase of the sales and will be made available through local stores once the global lockdown gets over. Mostly within this year, the product will be available in all countries in Asia and Europe. The refresh rate of the television plays a crucial role in determining the success of the series. The quick response plays an important tole determining the success and reach of the series. This feature is mostly expected from those who are looking to use the television for gaming purposes. Almost every company in the electronic manufacturing industry is working in bringing out a fast response for the customers.

TCL Image
TCL TV Image

Refresh rates available in the will be sufficient to provide a hassle-free gaming experience. It’s mandatory that every company has to work on research and development to survive in a highly competitive industry. As far as my experience with the Television the sound quality looks good without many fluctuations. The software has been developed to control the audio where you can hear dialogues with more accuracy than the normal mode. Speakers don’t provide a great experience when compared to the available screen size, it will be great to have an external soundbar if someone who looks for an excellent sound system. It will be good to have an external streaming device to deliver high-quality content.  Dolby Atmos makes a sense while listening to music and video entertainment.