Taylor Swift Helps A student To Fulfill Her Dream By Donating £23,000 For Her Tuition.

TAylor Swift

Swifties around the world are proud, and so are we. The singing pop star, Taylor Swift, recently helped a student to get closer to her dream. She donated nearly $30,230 to a London-based student, Victoria Mario. Mario has come from all the way Portugal to fulfill her dreams and she has been living there for four years now. All this information is available at Mario’s online fundraising page. Sadly, Mario did not have the funds to continue living in the UK, and so, she sought help online.

Taylor Swift has touched the heart of her fans and many others after her noble act. Fans are talking about Taylor online and also tweeting about it. Although this isn’t the first time, Taylor helped her fans by her impromptu donations.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift In Award Function

Victoria said that she was worrying way too much about the money, what could she do, and If she had to look for a job. But, now, she is very happy that she[Taylor] made her dream come true.

Taylor’s Message To Victoria

Taylor Swift is known for her amazing singing skills globally. The singer-songwriter is superbly talented, and now she has proven to be an amazing human as well.

Besides helping Mario, she also conveyed a beautiful message. She said that she came across Victoria’s story online and was inspired by her drive and dedication to turning her dreams into reality. Taylor also told her that she wants to gift her the remaining amount of her goal. She ended her message by wishing luck to Mario. Mario needed approximately $50,500 for her tuition and to continue living in the UK. She had gained nearly half of the amount, and the rest was a gift by Swift.

Mario expressed herself after Taylor’s gesture and message. And, she said, she doesn’t know what to do. Even the message by Taylor was so nice. She also promised to make Taylor proud. She continued her message and said, she doesn’t know how she[Ms. Swift] saw it and if it was someone from the UK, she wouldn’t be surprised.

Victoria’s Life In The UK

Victoria said her family could not afford to support her. And, she needed money for accommodations, stationery, a laptop, and other living costs. It was very difficult for her to leave her family in Portugal and come to the UK to fulfill her dream of becoming a mathematician.

Taylor Swift and Victoria

She also said that she has always been very studios. And, besides the fact that she could not speak English when she first came to the UK. She still managed to score, two A*s and an A in her A-levels when she left school.