Talentless Nana Season 2: When can we expect the Much-Awaited Second Season?

Are you a huge manga and anime fan? Talentless Nana is right around the corner!

Talentless Nana: Cover
Talentless Nana Cover Picture

Talentless Nana Season 2 is on the horizon, and we have got some exciting news for the fans. The Bridge’s thriller instantly got famous after its release in December 2020. The exciting thing is, the team has finally confirmed the release date. We just need some cozy blankets and true love for this season of Talentless Nana. Past success forced Bridge to renew the anime, which means the fans are loving it. The immense success of this anime has already got the fans rolling with high expectations. What do you guys think about how season 2 will do?

Looseboy team wrote the entire manga volumes of Talentless Nana, and Lori Furuya illustrated it. Teamwork! Talentless Nana is serialized by Square Enix’s shonen manga magazine. Regular releases are being made since 2016 in Monthly Shonen Gangan. The manga consists of seven takedown volumes. You can read more Talentless Nana here. The manga is digitally published in North America by Crunchyroll. After surfing the internet for hours, we have got hold of some exciting and promising news. So stay tuned. Here we go!

Talentless Nana Important Scene
Talentless Nana: Main Characters

Munou Na Nana: A Brief Introduction

Time for some recap. Season one shows that a mysterious monster will walk the Earth. The monsters are called “Enemies of Humanity.” Now, we all know there is an equal balance of good and bad. So with evil power comes the good ones. Children with supernatural powers called the “Talented” are born to maintain the equilibrium of faith. That is a lot of fairytales! The Talented are sent to a special school where they are trained to fight the mysterious monsters. During their training, all the connections to the outside world are cut until they are graduated; it sounds like some Nazi camp. Well, jokes apart. One fine day a new student arrives at the school. Her name is Nana Hiiragi. With her amazing social skills and amiable nature, she soon became famous among her peer. It sounds like a lovely person, isn’t it? In reality, Nana is a talentless government assassin recruited to kill the Talented. Checkmate! Well, the government thinks that “Enemies of Humanity” are the good ones and the actual threat is “The talented”. Such foolish people. May God bless them!

Season 2 looks quite promising, though. I am expecting some significant character development. Nana might change the sides. I think it will be pretty disturbing to see Nana kill “the Talented,” so fingers crossed! Having assembled such a talented team is both a curse and a blessing. The anime received a lot of positive reviews, but the lack of immediate confirmation of the second season received a lot of backlashes. Personally, I think Talentless Nana is pretty underrated. More people should watch cool anime like this one. Talentless Nana is a whole new approach to a great storyline, and the fact that it’s fun to watch is totally undeniable. Let’s see what awaits!

Talentless Nana Character Pictures
Talentless Nana: Characters From The Manga

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When can we expect Talentless Nana? Know the Cast

Now it’s time for the release date. Talentless Nana will return in 2021, as confirmed by the director and the production house. The pandemic has slowed down the production, as I mentioned before. There are a good side and a bad side of the uncertainty, though. The good side is that we can expect it to release this year, and the bad side is pretty sad. The lousy side speculates, “if not 2021, then when?”

Anime like Talentless Nana is often shelved for years. So let’s hope for the best! The cast looks good, though, with Rumi Okubo, Hiro Shimono, Yuichi Nakamura, Mai Nakahara, Toshiki Masuda, Takyuka Nakashima, Yuki Inoue, Hiromichi Tezuka, Yukina Tsutsumi, and Atsushi Tamaru.

For now, we know season 2 will be back in 2021. The show is produced by Bridge. 

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