Talentless Nana Episode 6 Premiering in 2020 Fall – Release Date And Predictions

Talentless Nana Episode 6

Among this year’s Fall lineup of Anime, Talentless Nana has clearly made its mark as the top 3, and if that wasn’t clear already, then surely Episode 5 confirmed it. With its already interesting perspective, that focuses on the criminal and her crusade of killing off the innocent characters and not just in a bland manner but in a very concise and structured manner. It’s enough for me to be sitting on the edge of my seat through each new episode. In this article, we’ll be looking at the recap of this week’s Talentless Nana Episode along with the release date of the next week’s episode.

Talentless Nana Episode 5 | Recap

In the latest episode, Nana has been pushed into a corner when one of her classmates, Hatadaira Tsunekichi, approached her claiming he could see the future. He shows her pictures of Nana killing various classmates, including Hatadaira himself, and says that once he predicts something, the future will not change. Nana concludes that Tsunekichi probably just wants to blackmail her and thus why he approached her directly. As it turns out, Tsunekichi wanted favors from Nana in exchange for keeping her secret hidden.

They then go back to Tsunekichi’s room, where he makes her massage his back and tells her to stay the night with him. That night, Nana finds out that Tsunekichi sees the future by sleeping with a Polaroid camera in his hand. Once she figures that out, she decides to fool him by taking the camera and taking a fake image, thus making Tsunekichi believe that Nana will be raped and killed by him in the future. Unfortunately for Tsunekichi, that’s far from the truth, and hence he gets killed by Nana using poisoned needles, but Nana is far from being safe as right then Kyouya and Michiru walk into the room.

Talentless Nana Episode 6

Nana, who had already seen that happening in one of the pictures by Tsunekichi, was ready. Kyouya, who already suspects Nana, tries to use all the clues available to him but still doesn’t have anything that counts as solid proof. Nana leaves the storeroom before Kyouya and Michiru and heads to Tsunekichi’s room in order to collect all the evidence and pictures. Once she heads back to her room, she finds out that she’s still missing one more picture, which Michiru finds while trying to heal Tsunekichi, and just as she sees the picture, Nana appears in front of her.

Talentless Nana Episode 6 | Release Date And Predictions

Talentless Nana Episode 6 will be airing on the 8th of December 2020, which is a Sunday. So be sure to check it out, and if you’re just starting the Anime series, you can stream it on the Official Website of Funimation. The Anime has been surprisingly enjoyable and almost feels like Death Note in some aspects, with its brilliant protagonist and antagonists.

For Episode 6, many viewers suspect that Nana will most likely not kill Michiru but instead manipulate her to use her healing abilities for the wrong reasons. The next episode is titled “Necromancy,” so we’ll probably be seeing a bit of zombie, and it’s mostly going to be a new classmate’s power. All in all, the upcoming episode will probably be an extremely exciting one, as Nana can’t just kill off Michiru as that’ll raise suspicion against her.

Be sure to check out the next episode, and as always, new articles about the Anime Series will be posted at the same time next week.