Sword Art Online: Progressive Light Novel Series Announced To Receive An Anime Adaptation

The Light Novel, Sword Art Online: Progressive, Has Been Confirmed For Anime Adaptation.

Sword Art Online: Progressive

On the 19th Of September 2020, the Official Twitter Account of the Anime Series “Sword Art Online” announced that the Light Novel “Sword Art Online: Progressive” by Reki Kawahara will be receiving an Anime Adaptation. This news broke right after the last episode of “Sword Art Online: Alicization – War Of Underworld” had been aired, and the Official Website Of The Anime Series released a trailer for the new Anime Adaptation.

The Anime Adaptation will be most likely handled by A-1 Pictures based on the fact that all previous Anime Adaptations of the Series were done by that Studio. The time frame within which the anime is expected to air hasn’t been announced and neither has the format of the Anime Adaptation, it could be a film or an anime series. Regardless of which the fans are still very excited just by seeing the trailer for the Anime and are just happy that there’s more to come from the SAO franchise.

The Light Novel Sword Art Online:  Progressive focuses on the adventures of Kirito and Asuna that weren’t really shown or depicted in the Aincrad Arc of the Series. To put it perspective, the story covers everything that wasn’t shown in between the first and third episodes of the Anime. This is important to fans as one of the biggest problems that fans had with Aincrad Arc of the series, which although is considered the best of all the Arcs of the anime, is that a lot of the Kirito and Asuna moments were skipped. Hence, this will be retelling all the stories that the fans weren’t able to enjoy in the first season.

Sword Art Online: Progressive – What’s it about?

Written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec, Sword Art Online: Progressive is a Japanese Light Novel Series that was first published in ASCII Media Works Dengeki Bunko back in October of 2012. The Light Novel Series is still ongoing with a total of 6 volumes released under that title.

Sword Art Online: Progressive
Kirito (Left) And Asuna (Right)

The Light Novel revolves around a Virtual MMORPG Game called Sword Art Online, where on the first day of the release of the game thousands of players were trapped in by the Creator of the game with the condition to clear the game to be released from the game.

The Story focuses on Kirito, the protagonist of the Series, and showcases his adventures in the lower and first few floors of the game along with Asuna.

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