“Suddenly, Egyptian Gods” Anime Announces Progress In Cast

The Official Website Of "Tōtotsu ni Egypt Kami" or "Suddenly, Egyptian Gods" Reveals Another Voice Actor For The To Be Released Anime.

Suddenly, Egyptian Gods

“Tōtotsu ni Egypt Kami” or “Suddenly, Egyptian Gods” is an Egyptian Gods themed anime that portrays these Ancient Gods in a cuter and a slice of life kind of light. The story for the anime isn’t announced yet, and neither are most of the cast members, but we do know that these characters are based on Yuka’s illustrations, as per the Official Website of the Anime. However, despite the lack of information, the anime’s promotional video caught the attention of a lot of people because of its chibi art style and colorful plus cheerful representation of Egyptian gods.

The concept of this anime was inspired back in 2012 when the image of the Egyptian god, Medjed, became famous in Japan. The reason for it’s a rise in popularity can be attributed to when a British Museum held an exhibit on ancient Egypt at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo. Due to factors like how cute the character looks, which features and the ease in drawing the character, many fan arts became popular, although fan arts weren’t the only thing that was a result of this internet phenomenon in japan.

Suddenly, Egyptian Gods
Yuka’s illustrations That Inspired The Anime.

An otome game called the “Edykoi!~Egypt Kami To Koishi Yo~” which features Medjed along with various other Egyptian gods in a school setting, there are many more such games as well. However, this isn’t the first time Medjed has been featured in an anime, Kamigami No Ki, an anime released back in 2016 had Medjed as it’s the protagonist.

What Do We Know So Far | Suddenly, Egyptian Gods

So far, we only know stuff that was shown to us in the promotional videos that were released, and apparently, the plot follows Egyptian gods, such as Anubis and Toto, who lived freely. Until Bastet, who suddenly appears and sings and dances, along with Mededo, who is always expressionless, and Horus who works part-time, Seto, who does his best for mischief, Ra who does not come back from a trip. This Anime is definitely from the slice of life genre and will, for sure, be enjoyable to watch.

The anime will showcase 13 Egyptian Gods in the show. Tōtotsu ni Egypt Kami is an anime that will be handled by Frontier Works but that’s as much as we know about the staff behind the scenes. When it comes to the voice actors, and as such, we do have a little bit of information. So far three different characters’ voice actors have been announced, these include:

  • Anubis who is being voiced by Hiro Shimono
  • Toto who is being voiced by Kaji Yuuki
  • Bastet who is being voiced by Yuu Kobayashi