Spinning Out Season 2: Will Netflix Ditch The Show After Only One Season?

Here's everything that we know about the status of 'Spinning Out'

Spinning Out Season 2 status

‘Spinning Out’ is an American television series, which debuted on January 1st of 2020. Samantha Stratton is the creator of the show. And It follows a young female single skater who is trying to get her career back on track after a devastating injury. But this time as a pair skater. And the show sees her pair with a male partner who is a notorious bad boy. She also has to deal with the fact that her family has a history of mental illness. So how will she handle her life, her career, and also achieve her goal of entering the Olympics? The show is currently streaming on Netflix. And some fans have been speculating about a possible second season. Because The first season didn’t end on a conclusive note, and it left a lot of stories unfinished, which could be explored in the seasons coming up.

Spinning Out: A Brief History Of The Show Changing Networks

Netflix wasn’t the original home for the show. Before Netflix, Pop was the one developing the drama. But they had to let the show go because of budgetary reasons. In an interview with DEADLINE, the head of Pop Brad Schwartz elaborated on the decision. He revealed that the show was originally called ‘Kiss and Cry.’ He noted that the show was very close to his heart. And the script of the show was the best script they ever had. But they had to let the show go because it required a budget that wasn’t feasible. So eventually, the show was picked by Netflix.

Spinning Out Season 1 Reception

Spinning Out Season 2 release date
Spinning Out Still

The first season of ‘Spinning Out’ had an intriguing plot. The show had all the ingredients of a gripping and realistic comeback story. But the execution wasn’t perfect, and the show suffered because of it. Although it does have a few decent performances, the constant melodrama holds the showdown and keeps it from being a captivating look into an athlete’s journey to fulfill her dreams. The show currently holds an approval rating of 59% on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. So It won’t be a controversial statement to say that the show failed to achieve critical acclaim.

What about the fans? What did they think about the show? The answer to that directly relates to the question.

Spinning Out Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

After its premiere in January, the show failed to garner any critical acclaim. But did it connect with the fans? The answer is No. Although there are no data to know exactly how many viewers the show attracted, as Netflix doesn’t reveal the viewership of its shows. But it is safe to assume that the show didn’t get many views. Because only after a month of its premiere, the show was canceled by Netflix. There has not been any official statement as to why the show was not renewed. Some might say it was because of its critical failure. But there are plenty of Netflix shows that don’t receive the praise of the critics. The most recent example was ‘The Witcher’ starring Henry Cavill. It wasn’t well-received by the critics. But after season 1, the show became a pop culture phenomenon, and it was instantly renewed by Netflix.

So it is apparent that ‘Spinning Out’ failed to capture the imagination of the audiences. And it was a critical dud as well. Plus, the show’s high production cost didn’t help matters either.

‘Spinning Out’ was no longer viable, and it came as no surprise when the service canceled the show. The first season is available on Netflix.

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