Spencer First Look Revealed – Kristen Stewart Shines as Princess Diana

Kristen Stewart in Spencer movie
Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana in Spencer movie (2021)

The Twilight star is Princess Diana in the new movie, Spencer. Kristen Stweart has debuted her new look – the late princess, Diana, Lady of Wales. The highly anticipated movie is one of the biggest projects fans are looking forward to. And honestly, we are completely in for it too. The new still features the 30-year-old actress as the young royalty, and we can already feel her reflecting Princess Diana’s aura. Hence, go ahead and catch all the buzz regarding the new movie.

Pablo Lorrain’s Spencer has begun principal photography. Lorrain is known for fabulous films like Jackie, Tony Manero, No, and many more. Moreover, we believe that he will continue to use his magical direction in spencer as well. On the other hand, the film is penned down by Steven Knight. Knight is widely popular for his British period series, Peaky Blinders. And the show’s writing is its strongest virtue. So, there’s no doubt Spencer will have a remarkable script.

Kristen Stewart in Spencer movie
Kristen Stewart to portray Lady Diana in upcoming movies, Spencer.

The film also has a bunch of high-profile producers. The list includes Juan de Dios Larraín (Fabulous Films), Jonas Dornbach and Janine Jackowski (Komplizen Film ), and BAFTA winner and Oscar nominee Paul Webster (Shoebox Films).

The production will take place in Germany and the U.K. In addition to this, a 2021 Fall release is expected for Spencer. The following year, 2022, will mark the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death.

Kristen Stewart In Spencer

The production has unconcealed the American actress as the young royal. And her fans are extremely excited to see her in the new role. Furthermore, people are also looking forward to witnessing the movie, which retells the story of the three most pivotal days in Lady Diana’s life.

You can check the preview image down below.

Kristen Stewart in Spencer movie
Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana in Spencer movie (2021)

Earlier, Stewart got into talking with Jimmy Kimmel and opened up about her upcoming film. She said that Spencer takes place over three days. And it is a really poetic film. It will give a clear insight into what Lady Diana’s inner thoughts were, rather than giving out new information about her life.

Lorrain also talked about the film. He said that they wanted to make the film about identity and about how a woman decides to step down from her title as the queen. Plus, he describes Lady Diana in the movie as a woman, who in the journey decides, and realizes that she wants to be the person she was before she met Charles.

“The key is how she discovers during the process of the movie that what she really needs to do is be who she wants to be,” Lorrain added. In short, the film will be about Diana’s self-discovery and finding her own strength with the help of her children and beliefs.

Spencer (2021) Release Date, Cast, And Plot

The production will start soon. According to sources, Spencer has begun the principal production, and the filming will commence soon too. However, no release date has been put on the table yet. Thus, we have to wait for a while before we get a specific premiere date.

Unlike other movies and shows that showcase Lady Diana’s life, Spencer will focus on the different side of the royal. Spencer will focus on the three important days of her life. It takes place at the royal family’s Sandringham Estate. The family usually spends their holidays at the estate. Meanwhile, she celebrates Christmas and traditions with her children; she also realizes how her life has taken an unexpected path after her marriage to Charles.

Kristen Stewart in Spencer movie
Lady Diana with her husband, Charles, and Sons.

The movie will not tell the story of Princess Diana’s unfortunate death. But, it will depict her fraying marriage and her unconditional love for her sons- Prince Charles and Prince Harry. We will also see her fighting with herself as she decides to leave the Royal family for her good.

Spencer is filled with brilliant stars. Besides Kristen Stewart, BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall (“Mr. Turner”), Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins (“The Shape of Water”), and Sean Harris (“Mission: Impossible”) will also appear in the film.

While we wait for the film to arrive, you can watch Stewart’s recent movie Underwaterhere.

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