Specification Details About Samsung Galaxy S21 Spotted On 3C Certification Site

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21 image

One of the most expected and much-discussed flagship smartphone from South Korean smartphone giants has leaked around the internet. It’s noted that this leak has provided major information about the upcoming device. Samsung has been successfully developing its new model smartphones under its Galaxy S series. Even though the leak hasn’t provided any of the major information about the smartphones, it has provided glimpses of information about teh charging capacity of the device. It looks like more information about the device will be revealed in the upcoming days. Earlier, it was announced that the manufacturing company is working on developing S series smartphones which were expected to be launched within this year.

Based on the information from the internet sources, it’s clear that the device will have 25W fast charging. Along with this, the new device from Samsung has undergone several specification leaks about the hardware details. One of the recent and much-noted leaks is that the device gets under-display selfie snapper. Even though the company hasn’t clarified any of the information about the specification of the device, it’s clear that the device gets an under-display selfie camera. Information about Samsung Galaxy S21 was recently spotted on China’s 3C certification site. Based on the information from the internet sources it’s clear that the device will have a model number SM-G9910. There are few other sources that suggest that the divide will have ‘SM-G991′ as its model number. We need to wait for some time to get official confirmation over the model number detail of the upcoming smartphone.

It was leaked that the device will have a 1/2-inch selfie sensor along with that it also gets a 1/2.55-inch sensor placed behind the smartphone display. It was also added that the manufacturing company is working on testing two prototype cameras related to Galaxy S21. It appears that the camera of the device gets an optical image stabilization (OIS). This is one of the important features that most of the advanced higher-end smartphones are receiving these days. This application is more of an artificial Intelligence that enhances the picture capacity of the device to a considerable extent.  This in-built software will automatically analyze the captured image and remove the noise present in the image to make it look more appealing.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21 IMage

Many big companies in the industry have reduced their expenses in choosing an ultra clarity lens and started focusing on improving the software application. This move will provide more breathing space for the device in processing the clear image. This feature will also make the device more affordable by reducing the hardware specification. Most of the smartphone coming these days has a dedicated lens for unique purpose placed behind the smartphone. AI lens is a newly developed advanced option that also gets added with the camera setup. It looks like Samsung Galaxy S21 will have a heavy camera feature that makes the device stronger when compared to the other competitors. The price details of the device are not yet announced by the development, we need to wait to get official information from the company.