SpaceX Anasis-II mission: Tuesday’s Falcon 9 launch delayed

SpaceX Anasis-II mission: Tuesday's Falcon 9 launch delayed

The Falcon 9 booster for the Anasis-II mission is a historical past-generating rocket. It was the booster employed to supply NASA astronauts to the ISS in May perhaps.


SpaceX has postponed a Falcon 9 start three periods in the span of five days, with the hottest hold off affecting the Anasis-II mission to send out a South Korean military satellite to orbit. 

The enterprise declared Monday on Twitter it was pushing again blast-off “to just take a closer glance at the 2nd phase, swap hardware if necessary.”

SpaceX also postponed its newest Starlink start final Wednesday and then all over again on Saturday.

The Anasis-II mission will ultimately carry off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. If it transpires before the Starlink mission, which is currently awaiting a new start date, it will be SpaceX’s 12th start this yr, the 90th flight of a Falcon 9 and the second total for this particular booster, which was 1st flown in Could to produce NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the Worldwide Place Station — the 1st time a commercial firm has done so. Ergo, it truly is received some historical past.

There is a backup launch window scheduled for the very same time on July 15, but we are going to have to hold out and see how quickly the technical problems can be worked out. 

The payload, Anasis-II, is South Korea’s to start with military services communications satellite. For the reason that of its use in the armed forces, there is not a whole lot of details about Anasis-II, but for the simple fact it is really dependent off the Eurostar E3000 satellite bus, in accordance to the Day to day Astronaut

We are going to update this article once we have a new launch day. 

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