South Korean Boyband GOT7 To Bid Farewell To JYP Entertainment After Contract Expiration In January 2021

GOT7 splits up with JYP Entertainment.

K-pop boyband group GOT7 is splitting up with JYP Entertainment. Yes, the group is bidding goodbye to their company after seven years. The fans of the band and K-pop music are shocked. But, they are also supportive of the decision made by the members of the band. The news came out not long ago when GOT7’s member Mark confirmed the news online. Moreover, he revealed the plans of GOT7 as a group and also as individuals. JYP Entertainment has been serving as the talent agency for GOT7 since its debut in 2014. However, sadly, it is time to part ways.

GOT7 is a seven-member group formed by JYP Entertainment in 2014. The group comprises seven artists: Mark, Jackson, Bambam, Yugyeom, Yungjae, JB, and Jinyoung. Undoubtedly, GOT7 has been receiving love since its debut. Their first album, EP Got it stood in the second position on the Gaon Album Chart. And on number 1 on the Billboard’s World album charts. Since their debut, the band has released several full-length studio albums and many EPs.


On January 10, 2021, JYP announced that their exclusive contracts are on their way to expire. Furthermore, three days before JYP’s statement, Yugyeom revealed that he is leaving JYP Entertainment for AOGM. As a result of all the chaos, their public activities as a group are ceased until further notice.

Following Yugyeom’s statement, Jackson also made a statement that his own label and management, Team Wang, will be handling his activities in South Korea. Jackson indirectly made clear that he is taking a leave from the label.

JYP’s Official Statement

For the past 2-3 days, GOT7 and JYP Entertainment have said things, but nothing is clear to the fans. To make things more understandable, JYP has released an official statement. According to the label, all the members of GOT7 will leave the company after their contract expires on January 19, 2021. 

In their recent announcement, JYP said that both the parties have agreed not to renew GOT7’s contract. And a thorough discussion was done between them before making the decision.

“As a result, both sides have agreed not to renew the contract while hoping for a fresh future. GOT7 has performed exceptionally as a global idol group that represents K-pop since its debut on January 16, 2014.” JYP wrote

In the end, the label thanked GOT7 for being a part of the growth of K-pop music and JYP. Moreover, they thanked the fans who have always motivated GOT7 activities and their music. They also mentioned that their official relationship ends now. But JYP will sincerely cheer on their future adventures and projects. 

Mark’s Sweet Message On Social Media

The news spread like fire on the internet, and the same happened this time. The fans of GOT7, AhGaSe, were extremely sad. The fans thought that the boyband is breaking-up and it will be the end of GOT7. However, Mark Tuan, a member of GOT7, made sure to assure the fans with a sweet message on Social media. The main message of his posts on social media was “GOT7Forever,” which somehow relaxed the fans.

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Mark Tuan posts a picture on IG captioned, “GOT7Forever.”

Also, he gave us insight into what the future holds for GOT7 and the members. Even though the band is leaving their agency, they will not be splitting up as a band. After the news of them ditching JYP came out, Mark Tuan took Twitter to calm the fans and tell them that GOT7 will stay together as one. No matter what happens.

Mark wrote that nothing is coming to an end. It’s only the new beginning, he said. He also wrote – that the past seven years have been the best years of his life. And the seven of them will continue to entertain the fans till the end.

A close representative of the agency revealed that the band shares a close relationship with the agency. And they are not renewing their contract due to the small conflicts between them.

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