Soredake Ga Neck Episode 2 Release Date and Episode 1 Recap

Soredake Ga Neck Anime

Soredake Ga Neck Episode 2 is merely days away from airing and judging from the first episode, the show seems more of a thriller and mildly threading into the horror genre of Anime. So far only some of the characters have been shown and none of them have been completely explored in any shape or form. The Anime Series “Soredake Ga Neck” contains short episodes, which usually last about 3-4 minutes and thus don’t have much time to give too much exposition through dialogues.

Soredake Ga Neck Episode 1 | Recap

The episode starts of with a young man, Otsuka, running as he’s late for his part-time job and in the background, you can see the weather being cloudy and dark almost like it’s about to rain. On his way he sees an old lady carrying a rather heavy bag all by herself, Otsuka begins thinking as to why she would leave the house with such a heavy bag all by herself. A man runs up to the lady and offers to carry her to the destination she wants to and she obliges.

Soredake Ga Neck Anime

Otsuka who was already in a rush leaves for his part-time job. On his arrival, he is being given an explanation by one of his seniors about how they even have to cook in the convenience store as a part of their job. The store manager comes in to tell him he can go ahead and take a break, this is when he encounters a pot of food being cooked in the kitchen and decides to go take a look. He encounters Mutou for the first time and finds him somewhat mysterious, he asks the Store Manager later about Mutou and is told he’s a nice person who is very well-liked by animals.

Getting curious about how well respected and liked Mutou is, Otuska wanted to get a look at his face but just couldn’t get a chance to. Just like Otsuka, even the viewers haven’t seen Mutou’s face, until near the end of the episode. After reaching the kitchen, later on, Otuska sees a bowl of food kept there and assumes it to be set out for him but in reality it wasn’t. He is confronted by Mutou who seemed to be angry and while apologizing, Otsuka makes eye contact with Mutou and screams in horror.

Soredake Ga Neck Anime

The Store Manager and another part-timer, Adam, are seen discussing how Otsuka, like many others, has quit after working for a few days and also talks about how rice has been disappearing a lot. Adam claims he knows what has been happening and the scene cuts to Mutou making rice balls in the kitchen alone.

Soredake Ga Neck | Plot Overview

The Story revolves around a convenience store named “Hot Hot Mart”. Where the workers along with the store manager deal with the problem of modern communication. Each character of the story has its own unique problem when it comes to communicating normally. The protagonist Mutou who is surrounded by mystery as a character. He works in the company of the store cat which is absolutely attached to Mutou.

Soredake Ga Neck Episode 2 Release Date

That Is The Bottleneck Episode 2 will be releasing on the 20th of October 2020 and can be streamed on the Official Website of Funimation. The previous episode ended on a very eerie note and thus many viewers are interested in seeing what happens in the upcoming episode. Will Mutou’s face be revealed or will the reason as to why new employees keep resigning after a couple of days be explained.

Be sure to check out the next episode and as always new articles about the Anime Series will be posted the same time next week.