Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 4 Release Date, Preview And Recap

Soredake Ga Neck Episode 4

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3, like all the previous episodes, have been very mysterious and repetitive. Hopefully, Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 4 will provide some more answers to the mysteries presented so far in the series. The short episodes have been quite enjoyable, nonetheless, as it shows the mundane and candid image of a convenience store. So far, we have some kind of idea as to what kind of a person Mutou is, and most likely, his character, along with the others, will be expanded further.

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3 | Recap

In the latest episode, The Store Manager and the part-timer Adam are having a conversation while sitting at the cash register. They point out how the regulars have stopped coming and that the Rice Balls from the Store has become quite popular. Meanwhile, Mutou, whose face is still hidden, is shown to have a habit of hiding and keeping an eye out for people who buy the Rice Balls he makes.

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 4

The episode then shifts to the personal troubles of the Manager, who was talking to himself about how good the last night’s show was. The Manager apparently has a nervous tic that causes him to smile, which has gotten him into trouble with people quite often. The Manager has since started wearing a mask to hide his face, but that has led to a mask shaped tan around his face forcing him to continue wearing the mask. The tan marks make him too embarrassed to show his face without a mask, realising this Mutou when the Manager had left the mask on the table decided to draw a smile on it.

Upon seeing it, his employees giggled as they found it refreshing to see their boss also do silly stuff. The episode comes to a conclusion with Adam staring into the corner of the Store from where a dark and eerie aura is coming from. That most probably is Mutou, and clearly, Adam seems to know something about Mutou that he isn’t sharing.

The Story revolves around a convenience store named “Hot Hot Mart.” Where the workers, along with the store manager, deal with the problem of modern communication. Each character of the story has its own unique problem when it comes to communicating normally. The protagonist Mutou who is surrounded by mystery as a character. He works in the company of the store cat, which is absolutely attached to Mutou.

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 4 Release Date

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 4 will be airing on the 2nd of November 2020 and can be streamed on the Official Website of Funimation. Just like the other episodes, the previous episode ended on a rather eerie note, and although the episode contained some rather nice vibes, it still ends on an eerie note. Who exactly is Mutou? and why does seeing his face cause the regulars and customers to run away? These questions are always left unanswered.

Be sure to check out the next episode, and as always, new articles about the Anime Series will be posted at the same time next week.



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