Sony WF-1000XM3 Specification

Sony has come up with WF-1000XM3 which is a truly wireless earbud. The company has been working on headphones and headsets for quite a long time. Sony has launched its product in the field of wireless devices to take on its competitor products launched by Apple, Amazon, and Boat. The products were initially launched during the year 2019, which took it longer than reaching a huge range of audiences. It was quite delayed progress of the company to developed noise-canceling earbuds where other companies emerged quickly early this year. Even though the product was designed to compete with other products, the overall design looks completely different. It doesn’t have any similarity between  Apple AirPods Pro which was launched by Apple Last year, and Momentum True Wireless 2 by Sennheiser.

The cost of the products is not affordable for mid-range users. Sony always quotes its price, similar to its quality and brand value. The satisfying thing which comes with the product is that the price looks lower when compared with similar products. Earbuds come with the great design which attracts on the go, one of the important highlighting aspects of the earbuds is that it gets a copper lid. The charging case of the device looks quite bigger than other products, which doesn’t feel good while using regularly. The device gets a  soft matte finish instead of a glossy finish, which is mostly seen in Sony products. This matte finish completely arrests the fingerprint pattern and other dust from being sticking to the surface. Red led indicator attached in the front indicated whether the device is connected with the Bluetooth device. This LCD light also indicated the amount of charge that the device contains.

USB-Type C port is provided at the rear end of the device. The overall prototype of the products gets a tripod design that can exactly fit into the ears without getting slipped from the ears. The thing which looks quite odd is that the device looks bulky and unfortunately comes away from the comfort zone. Even though the device looks quite bigger, it comes with the extreme lightweight. In my personnel experience, the device feels less protective and gives me feel that whether the device might get slipped while turning my head or making some kind of jaw moments while speaking. To make it fit for the larger and smaller ears, it comes with the three silicone ear tips which give an additional custom option.

Sony WF-1000XM3 lacks some of the usual certifications that are seen in their products. The device doesn’t have IP certification along with that it also lacks sweat or dust resistance. This device can be generally used for listening to music while enjoying movies and speaking over the voice call. It generally glides along the ear with a more comfortable option. It gets a Dual Noise Sensor technology, which was initially developed by Sony for its audio products. To make the audio more accurate, it comes with the HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e.  Sony WF-1000XM3 has intuitive touch control, which allows the user to take control over the audio. For instance, if the user wants to change the track, he can double-tap on the right. To perform other operations, the user needs to tap on the left earbud. It also has an inbuilt software feature which allows the user to interact with the online assistance like Amazons’ Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri developed by Apple.