Solo Leveling Chapter 133 – Jin-Woo Faces A Dilemma

Solo Leveling Chapter 133

With the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 132, although this chapter compared to recent chapters has been kind of slow and anti-climactic, it did set the story up for the next chapter. After the entire Double Dungeon quest and Jin-Woo finally becoming a monarch, we haven’t seen him fully display his powers yet. Honestly, with that being said, just imagining the next battle that will happen will probably be a grand scale one, so hopefully, the author pulls it off smoothly.

Honestly, judging from the story’s premise, it seemed like any other generic Manhwa series where the MC gets some insane cheat powers, but Solo Leveling has surprisingly grown on to the fans, with its stunning visuals and amazing dialogues.

In this article, we will be reviewing the recently released Solo Leveling Chapter 132 and will discuss what will happen in the upcoming chapter 133.

Solo Leveling Chapter 132 Recap

The latest chapter opens with some of the hunters trying to take down the Giant that emerged out of the S-Rank Dungeon but are completely annihilated. Jin-Woo has finally awoken from his three-day slumber and realized that he was more fatigued than he thought he was.

After being discharged from the hospital, he heads back home and checks the news channels while recalling that apparently, the Raid was a failure. While Jin-Woo was catching up to speed, he thought about heading to the battlefield to prevent another Jeju Island incident. This thought process came to a stop when his little sister asked him not to go, but also saying you’ll go anyway. While we were focused on what was happening with Jin-Woo, we completely forgot that his younger sister had been traumatized from the last exchange.

Solo Leveling Chapter 133
Solo Leveling Still

Jin-Woo then reassures her that he won’t go and that he’s been working non-stop, so he’ll take a break. He heads out and goes to a bench in an empty park where he talks with Beru, one of his servants responsible for taking care of his sister, and asks him a few questions. After which, he is approached by a car; the next scene we see is him having a conversation with Chairman Yoo Myung-Han, who requests him for a cure. The cure that he seeks is from the Eternal Sleep disease, and Jin-Woo’s mother is the only known survivor from this disease.

For the first time in the story, Jin-Woo is torn between helping another person who is the father of his friend or looking after his family, both of which are important duties to him now. Plus, on top of that, the S-Rank Dungeon is still actively adding to the list of worries.

What Can We Expect In Solo Leveling Chapter 133?

The upcoming chapter is kind of important for the character development of Jin-Woo, whether he’ll take up the task of finding the cure for the Eternal Sleep Disease or instead acknowledge his promise with his sister and deny to put himself in any more danger. Either way, the story will be rather slow at the moment as it’s being used as a build-up to a more epic arc. Solo Leveling Chapter 133 is expected to release on the 31st December 2020, so stay tuned and keep an eye out.

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