Solo Leveling Chapter 129 – All You Need to Know

Solo Leveling Chapter 129

Solo Leveling is perhaps one of the best Manhwa when it comes to the quality of writing and amazing art. With the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 128, sure enough, it didn’t disappoint and, by the end of the chapter, left many fans excited for chapter 129. With the readers and Jin-Woo getting closer and closer to the truth about the system and all the secrets behind Jin-Woo’s newfound powers, the ending of each new chapter is almost heartbreaking. The upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 129 will contain a lot of information that the readers want to know and will definitely be a must-read for fans. In this article, we’ll be looking at the recap of Solo Leveling Chapter 128 and the Release Date for Solo Leveling Chapter 129.

Solo Leveling Chapter 128 | Recap

In the latest Chapter, Jin-Woo has finally taken down the Angel and is asked if he wants to know the system’s truth. He accepts to see the playback and is transported to a vision that shows a massive war. Many Monsters and Angels fight against each other, with a Monarch leading the Monsters into battle. 

The Monarch uses the very same abilities as Jin-Woo and is dominating the battlefield. Jin-Woo, although confused, he is still overwhelmed by seeing the display of power by the Monarch.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 129

While Jin-Woo is in the middle of his vision, a rescue team is sent to extract Jin Woo and defeat the Boss of the so-called “Double Dungeon.” Once the party arrives at the giant door, they are able to open it and enter without any problems. However, the problem begins once they do enter, as the angel wasn’t expecting anyone to come. The angel notices that people have entered the chamber; he warns them not to disturb the King’s Slumber and tells them to leave. When the Hunters refuse to leave, the angel retaliates by attacking the group and completely dominating them.

When will Solo Leveling Chapter 129 Release?

According to the sources, Solo Leveling Chapter 129 will be released on the 3rd of December 2020. The upcoming Chapter will answer some of the major questions, if not all of them, and will probably be one of the most important chapters as it will lead to the start of a new arc. Hence for all the fans who have kept up with the show so far, it definitely will not disappoint and perhaps even elevate the series to a whole new level.

Solo Leveling Chapter 129

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What Can We Expect In Solo Leveling Chapter 129?

In the upcoming chapter, Jin-Woo will still be in the middle of the flashback or the vision he is being shown. It will be focused on the war between the Angels and the Demons; Jin-Woo notices a lot of the Demons and Monsters that he fought will be banding together to fight the Demons. In the middle would be the Demon King/Monarch, who has a lot of similar powers as Jin-Woo, such as Necromancy and Rulers Authority. Wherever the monarch went on the battlefield, there is only a trail of blood left. The big surprise of the upcoming chapter is that this monarch is Jin-Woo himself.