Solo Leveling Chapter 128 Officially Delayed And Latest Predictions

Solo Leveling Chapter 128

With the fashion that Sung-Lak Jang’s Solo Leveling Chapter 127 came to an end, it has made the fans extremely excited for Solo Leveling Chapter 128. This Korean Manhwa and Novel by Sung-Lak Jang has risen to popularity over the years and is now one of Manhwa’s best in terms of Story and Art. Featuring an underdog character who develops into practically the most Overpowered character in the series has attracted many readers to the Manhwa. In this article, we’ll be giving you an update on the Release Schedule of Solo Leveling Chapter 128 and other related information.

What Is The Manhwa Solo Leveling About?

For those of you who haven’t yet checked this Comic out, Solo Leveling is a must-read for all of those who like overpowered MC’s going about fighting. Equipped with some of the coolest art you’ll see, Solo Leveling has released a total of 127 chapters so far.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 128

The Plot is set in a period where a certain population of the world has achieved a boost in physical abilities and awakened supernatural abilities as well. This new-found phenomenon is referred to as an “Awakening,” which not everyone experiences. These people now enter mysterious Dungeons that started popping up everywhere across the world and defend the earth and its people by clearing these Dungeons. In this RPG-like world, our protagonist, Jin-Woo, is considered the weakest. However, during one of the expeditions in the Dungeons, Jin-Woo, receives a second awakening, which makes him practically a god compared to his peers.

When will Solo Leveling Chapter 128 Release?

The latest chapter of Solo Leveling was chapter 127, which was released on the 12th of November 2020. Judging from Manhwa’s release trend, Solo Leveling Chapter 128 was supposed to release on the 18th of November 2020. This, however, wasn’t the case as there was no new chapter released on the expected date. So, for now, we have no idea when the new chapter will release, but hopefully, it won’t be too long.

What Happened In Chapter 127 And What Can We Expect In Chapter 128?

In Solo Leveling Chapter 127, we see Jin-Woo and the Angel duking it out in the most intense battle in the Manhwa so far. Ever since the massive power-up that Jin-Woo underwent, we have barely seen him taking intense damage or even have to push himself. The Angel made him do exactly that, although it wasn’t for long as Jin-Woo managed to beat the Angel with a little over 2 minutes still left on the clock. The chapter ended with the Angel about to answer all the questions that Jin-Woo has about the System and why he was chosen.

Solo Leveling Chapter 128

In the upcoming chapter, we will be receiving a flashback that will be explaining all that we had to know regarding the RPG, like the game system, Angel’s purpose, and why Jin-Woo was selected as the player. It will be a must-read and definitely be a tone-setter for what’s to come in the upcoming chapters.

We’ll be updating you with more information regarding Solo Leveling Chapter 128 when the official notice drops.