Sofia Vergara Defends Ellen DeGeneres And Says ‘I Was Always In On The Joke’

Sofia Vergara and Ellen

Modern Family Star and American-Columbian actress, Sofia Vergara is setting the record straight on the recent Ellen DeGeneres controversy. Vergara defended Ellen in a tweet and says that she was always in on a joke. Recently, some old videos of The Ellen show are surfaced on the internet and have been causing havoc in the entertainment industry. And, now Sofia Vergara is coming out and clearing facts regarding the videos, she has appeared in.

Sofia Vergara is obviously standing up for Ellen. Even though the video features how Ellen points out and made fun of Vergara’s English accent. People have been criticizing DeGeneres for the videos. And, also DeGeneres’ wrong behavior with her staff has been creating more issues these days. But, now things might get cooled-down after the actress has expressed her thoughts on the matter.

Sofia Vergara

So, let’s go ahead and know more about the complete matter:

Sofia’s Comment On The Whole ‘Video Controversy’

Sofia went on to Twitter and expressed her actual thoughts on the whole thing. Sofia wrote that two comedians are having fun with each other to entertain. She revealed that she was never a victim, and she was always in on the joke. She also tagged her 2015 interview on The Ellen show while tweeting her feelings.

In the video, the duo talked about getting the hardest lines and having a hard time pronouncing the ingredients. She also addressed a message to Ellen. She said it because she is older and more popular than her, and that’s why she is given priority to read the script first. And, later she makes her say the words because there is no other way. She continued and said that the team makes her look pretty, and she[Vergara] delivers all the important information.

How Does The Controversy Affect The Talk Show

Ellen DeGeneres is absolutely one of the most famous talk shows. But, due to certain allegations, the show is going to the south. recently, news has surfaced that producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman have left the show.

Moreover, the program’s resident DJ, Stephen “tWitch” Boss has been promoted and is now the new co-executive producer of the show. Boss has worked on Ellen for six years. Sofia’s comment has come between the ongoing investigations as some workers claimed that the show’s work environment is not healthy.