Shinzo Abe Japan’s PM Resigns Over Health Conditions

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Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe has made an announcement that he’ll retire from his position as the prime minister of Japan. He was known as the longest-serving prime minister for more than a decade. He was elected as the prime minister for the first time in 2006 and continued till today. He has made several reforms that helped the country become an economic superpower. He has increased the tax to manage the expenses needed for Olympic which was earlier planned to take place in 2021. During the meeting of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party Abe made his announcement. It was quite shocking that the leader is to resign the position while in power. Japan is known as the “Land of the rising sun”.

Senior lawmaker Tomomi Inada said reporters that “I heard his plan. It was sudden and unexpected. I am stunned,”. Many world leaders have expressed their views on his announcement. He has a good and healthy relationship with many world leaders including Donal Trump and Narendra Modi. This official announcement came a few hours before the press conference that was initiated to address speculation about his health. His announcement reflected in the Japanese stock market declining 2%, with Nikkei 225 dropping more than it’s expected. Inada also added that Abe will continue his duty as the prime minister of Japan until the ruling party lawmakers and members decide the successor through an election, nominating the member. There are few members who are evaluated for the position.

There were few sources that we’re suggesting that Abe might take a break from his position due to his health condition. He has been hospitalized for a few days before announcing his retirement over the health conditions. Senior government officials and Lawmakers said that he’ll be serving office from the rest from his home until the successor takes control over the administrative position. It will definitely be a very tedious process in choosing the next candidate for the election. Nishikawa told to the press release that “His resignation comes at a time when Japan is facing tough issues, including measures against the coronavirus, This is not the first time Abe is taking resignation due to the health condition. This scenario has already happened during the past in the year 2007.

Abe was earlier diagnosed to have ulcerative colitis which he was under medication. He expressed his health condition when he joined the office during 2012. It’s noted that this announcement came after the government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said on Friday that Abe is in good health conditions. Suga has also added that “I see him every day and feel that there is no change in his condition,”. When asked about serving the prime minister position he added that he’ll “of course” continue his term as the prime minister till last which ends in September 2021. In recent times government under his leadership has been heavily criticized for the cancellation of the stimulus package which in turn created a heavy impact over the economic progress of the country. Providing two cloth masks to all the houses in the country was mocked by the leading newspapers and magazines.

Many government officials and opposite party heavily criticized for the approach took by the government to handle the crisis. We could able to see that the corona cases keep surging for the last few months in Japan. It’s the same scenario that many other countries are facing these days. Candidates suggested are Taro, deputy prime minister also along with that he manages finance ministry and  Yoshihide Suga,  chief cabinet secretary.