Servant Season 2: Will Dorothy Finally Speak To Leanne About Her Baby Boy?

Your favorite psychological thriller is back with wonderful updates

Servant Season 2 episode 5

I hope this article finds all my very interested readers in good health! Winter continues to be a stronghold, but Netflix is the biggest hot at the moment. Apart from Netflix, there are some other channels and sites too that are putting out amazing content! Apple TV + is one of those sites.

Beginning from the boy next door to creepy doll videos, this psychological thriller has so much more to it! I think The Servant is a really underrated show, and it deserves a lot of attention than what it actually receives at the moment. The acting, the plotline, suspense, and even the cast list, everything about this is absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine a show that has me this invested in it. It came out back in 2019, and in 2021 we have the second season. That was pretty quick. I think that they were already done filming before the pandemic struck. And since there are very few main characters along with the crew members, they didn’t have a lot of trouble doing the extra necessities during the pandemic.

The Coronavirus scare has already caused enough damage to the release of new movies, series as well as games! Let’s get started with all the new details from The Servant.

Servant Season 2 episode 4 ending explained
Servant Season 2 episode 4: Main Characters

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Servant: A Brief Insight To The Series

The first season of The Servant was really wild. It took us really deep into the story and went over so many genres of horror. We began with a very simple psychological thriller similar to The Boy. The Boy was a movie that was released in 2016. It is similar to this because there, too, a couple had a porcelain doll which they believed was their boy. They even got a nanny for it, who later discovers that the doll indeed has life and is capable of doing things. That takes a different turn later on, which is more active.

Here, we have a completely different form of horror in action. The couple Dorothy and Season Turner are going through a very hard time. They just lost their thirteen-week-old son Jericho, and both of them are pretty broken. I mean, what kind of parent gets over the death of their child at such a young age? Sean was a tough man; therefore, he was able to fall back into place in life. However, Dorothy couldn’t. While watching the first season, didn’t you think this was suspicious right from the beginning? Why couldn’t Dorothy cope up to this?

The Tragic Backstory of The Servant

The reason why Dorothy couldn’t cope was that the death of Jericho was because of her own fault. I think parents should not be allowed to have kids unless they are mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared for it. Because a newborn baby must be looked after and cared for, we can’t just include them in our everyday lives. Dorothy lost her baby boy for nothing; it was a mistake that has now led to so many problems in her current life. Her therapist can also be held responsible for suggesting something so stupid as having a doll to cope with her child’s death.

Coming back to the story- we get to know about this very late in the first season. Dorothy was quite exhausted with the work that she had to do with the new baby’s arrival. Therefore, she was falling back on a lot of things. Now, she is not used to having a child around her; that is the reason why all of this had to happen. She went grocery shopping and came back with her baby in tow. While she was unloading her car, she left the car door open to get Jericho after her hands are empty.

She keeps the things back in the house and then completely forgets about Jericho; this is because she is not used to having a child around. Then later when she randomly recalls it later in the evening, she immediately rushes towards her car. By this time, Jericho was lying dead in the car. This happened because it was a scorching day, and even the car door was open. Moreover, Jericho was a little dehydrated and wasn’t keeping very well for the past few days.

Servant Season 2
Servant Season 2 episode 4: Dorothy

Why did The Servant leave?

There is a deeper meaning to this. We learn in season 1 itself that Leanne- The Servant- was disgusted after she came to know about how Jericho died. She already belonged to a cult, which is absolutely terrifying. She indeed had some powers, which is why the doll came to life when she was around. But after she discovered how Dorothy lost her child, she was absolutely disgusted by it. I think the Turners thought that they would just accept the new normal of having a magic baby around and have it grow up. They even baptized the child at the end of the first season because they were making it official now. However, with The Servant gone, this became a dead doll again.

Dorothy was pretty upset by it, but now they know for a fact that Leanne belonged to a cult and the baby was an outcome of that. They are hunting for Leanne, and it is surely working. Season 2 begins with the search of the missing servant, including Dorothy doing crazy things in front of the camera too. They finally find her, and Tobe helps them out as a pizza delivery guy.

Servant Season 2 Episode 4 Explained and what to expect from Episode 5?

Expect a lot of drama and thrill. This is because here, we will witness Leanne coming face to face with Dorthy while she asks him about baby Jericho and his whereabouts. Personally, I can’t wait for the next episode. Do you think Leanne with speak out, or will she completely deny her association with the cult? I guess we have to wait for February 15th.

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