Sennheiser CX 400BT Specification And Review

Sennheiser CX 400BT
Sennheiser CX 400BT Still

Sennheiser has developed an expensive true wireless earbud, the cost of the earbud might look out of reach for those who prefer to experience great sound quality at an affordable rate. Many big companies in the industry are coming up with products that use Bluetooth as their core for connecting between the devices.

Wireless headsets are transforming the portable device industry that gets connected with mobile devices. Soon after the invention of the wireless earbuds, users feel light while enjoying their music where there is no need to hold the physical device in their hands.  Sennheiser has been producing headset devices for more than a decade, it has upgraded itself in developing wireless headsets in recent years.

CX 400BT True Wireless has been leaked before a month the company has bee working on developing the headset device. The device comes with various sizes and shapes making it more adaptable while using. It’s revealed that the device will be made available in four types of sizes. These four sizes are differentiated as small for tiny ears, medium for teenagers, large for adults, x-large.

These devices have a type-c charging port that makes accessible to fast charging when compared with the previous generation charging ports. It was expected that the device will have a svelte fabric case, but to the surprise, the device comes with the plastic material around the charging case.

Sennheiser CX 400BT
Sennheiser CX 400BT Image

Magnetic connectors are used to make the device fit into the earbuds, along with that connecter the device gets an LED light which is basically provided to indicate the charging level while using the device. Other than that purpose this LCD light might blink while connecting the wireless headset with the mobile device.

To access the device, mobile must have Sennheiser’s Smart Control app which primarily needs to be updated during the first initial trial. It works well with the recently released smartphones which have Bluetooth 5.0 adaptability. The compatibility of the device has many factors depending on the music bass. The initial default setting doesn’t please every music enthusiast, it needs to have minimum customization in their firmware. The sound produced by the device doesn’t look great, it has some mild sound setting which might get improved with their next firmware update.

Passive noise isolation which comes does a decent job in enhancing the audio clarity. Lack of ANC which is abbreviated as Active noise cancellation brings a major drawback to the device. Even though the company claimed that the device will produce great audio quality is often seen as a negative factor while undergoing overall analysis.

Along with the negative aspect adds the Transparent Hearing options which were left out. This feature is seen as a major plus with their competitor’s products. It’s essential to add the most expected feature to the device which might get more attraction that other features that are designed along with the device. The audio quality of the device has many things related to the cost of the product. Considering the price of the products, it looks far better than AirPods 2 which got released recently.

Sennheiser CX 400BTb has 7mm drivers that make it more compatible. The touch screen option which comes with the device acts as a perfect interface for communication. It also lacks resistance against water or sweat which is one of the noted points while looking for a wireless headset.