Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Fan Edition Might Get Affordable

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Samsung has revealed information about its Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. The company has been working on developing its Galaxy range of mobile for more than a decade. Other than producing a smartphone, the company has deep roots in developing several other products with excellent advanced features (in the android platform). The company has not made any statement or comment on the price details of their fan edition mobile. It’s clear that most of the important features of the Galaxy S20 will be similar in the fan edition of the mobile.

The company has invested more than millions of dollars exclusively for upgrading the device to meet the expectation of its users. In recent times Samsung has introduced many advanced features starting from creating unique sensors for the easy flow to foldable devices. Galaxy S20 Fan Edition might differ in a small proportion when compared with the original version of Galaxy S20. The upcoming fan edition of the device will hold roughly a 6.4-inch screen, a familiar-looking camera array, and other S20-like design touches. There might be small changes in the outer design of the mobile where the glass finish might get replaced with the plastic body.

Samsung CEO
Samsung CEO Still

If the fan edition of the mobile comes with less price there might be a cost cut that comes through less memory space and processor embedded with the device. Refreshing rate is one of the important factors that determine the reach of the mobile, there won’t be any changes in the 120 HZ display. Fan edition of the mobile gets the processor speed reduced to 6 GB of ram instead of 8 GB which is currently available in the Galaxy S20. Instead of the higher-end model that is available in the original version users might get the mobile similar to the Galaxy S10 Lite. Most of the model which is released in recent times is getting more than two variants which differed slightly with the price. This price difference mainly depends on the processing speed and memory space.

Galaxy being a Samsung’s prominent series won’t settle for the less quality product. The battery capacity of the mobile will be around 4500 mAh which is decent enough to handle the day to day tasks. If your someone who is looking for the Galaxy S20 fan edition you may have to settle for the simple rear camera array that could include a 12MP main camera. The camera is one of the basic and highly expected features for those who are willing to choose a smartphone that could replace their older ones. It might come with a 12MP ultra-wide and an 8MP telephoto with 3X optical zoom.

Galaxy S20
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Some of the sources reveal that the manufacturer might release the initial version of the Galaxy S20 fan edition in their mainland South Korea. There is less chance that the fan edition of the mobile will reach the other parts of the countries within this year. On rough estimate it might cost around $750, there is a chance that the price may get reduced or increased based on the specification included. A cut-down in the price of the Galaxy S20 might reduce some of the most important and flagship features that make the Galaxy 20 reach the higher-end segment.