Samsung Unveils Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds

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After launching higher-end smartphones in the international mobile market, Samsung has unveiled its new product. Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live are the new product that the company has launched recently. These products look convenient, and the outer design of the product makes it more attractive for day-to-day use. These products come under Samsung’s ecosystem of wearables, which the company has announced in one of their recent press releases that “seamlessly integrated into the wider Galaxy ecosystem to help you live healthier, communicate better, and get the most out of your technology.”. These products are earlier leaked that Samsung is working on developing wireless sound devices and wearables.

Ever since the first smartwatch got released, there is a certain amount of people who have got addicted to wearable devices. These devices got updated in the last few years with notification alert, fitness tracking, and a lot more that helps individuals in their daily life. The last version of the Samsung smartphone has received much feedback and suggestion from the electronic gadget enthusiast over the design pattern and software features that is available in the smartwatch. Samsung always comes with a unique outer look that other popular smartwatch brands like Apple, making it square, whereas Samsung design is circular in the pattern, which is more of the watch pattern. The manufacturer claims that Galaxy Watch 3 is built with  “premium materials”  with the addition of upgraded popular rotating bezel.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Still

Fitness tracking has undergone a handful of up-gradation, which includes automatic detection of 40 different workout modes and seven exercises. We could able to come across minor error reading in the steps count in the last version of the Galaxy Watch, whereas this model has received an advanced detection option over the running mode, trip detection. During the launch of the smartwatch, the company has announced that this model is thinner and feel lighter than their previous model galaxy watch along with that it holds the slighter bigger display. To fulfill the audience’s tastes, it comes with the 80,000 watch faces in the Galaxy Store to they can use the access to customize the from the library of 40 different watch face complications.

Smartwatch has the ability to support WiFi and eSIM facility for more connectivity. The watch comes with Bluetooth and wifi connectivity with the mobile, where we can opt for one option while synchronizing data with our smartphone. The new Blood oxygen (SpO2) is added to the device, which has the ability to track oxygen saturation over time, which will be helpful for fitness and wellness purposes. Galaxy Watch 3 comes under two different options, which different from Bluetooth and 4G. The overall outer look of the design varies with the screen size 41mm and 45mm, respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Buds
Samsung Galaxy Buds Still

Samsung has also launched Samsung Galaxy Bud along with the smartwatch, which is the most expected wireless device. TWS earbuds come with a new shape that the company claims that extremely ergonomic and provides great comfort while using. To improve the sound quality, it gets upgraded with AKG-tuned 12mm drivers, which has bass duct improves sound quality. Galaxy bud comes with the three microphones and Voice Pickup Unit, which assures clear audio quality during the call. Active Noise Cancellation is one of the main features that many wireless devices are lagging these days. Samsung has considerable experience in developing the wireless sound device has come up with the solution to fix that problem. The durability of the device is improved, which has long-lasting battery life capable of supporting up to 8 hours of playback. It’s assured that it has 1 hour of playtime with just 5 minutes of quick charging. These devices are available in three different colors, like Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic White.