Samsung Launched Galaxy Note 20 And Note 20 Ultra

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Samsung has officially announced 2020’s regular Galaxy Note 20 and the high-end Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Many companies are continuously working on new technologies to withstand competition that’s happening in the smartphone industry. The previous version of the Note series has similar features whereas the currently released models have many different features from the previous features of the device. S Pen stylus is an important hardware feature that differentiates the Note version from the previous version of the device. Samsung has released  Galaxy S20 early this year with higher-end features that provide competition to the luxury mobile version. The company has planned to release this model to provide a healthy competition to the higher mobile models with its enhanced hardware and software features.

One of the Note versions of the company is Galaxy Note 20 which is the normal version of the series. As per the latest article from the company this version of the mobile lacks the basic and most important feature of the mobile. The company has decided to launch the mobile without a high refresh rate screen, microSD storage expansion, and periscope zoom lens. These are the normal feature that is available in the previous Note versions. Samsung has maintained its pricing standards even in this lower version. It’s said that the Galaxy Note 20 will be made available for  $999.99 which has 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM for processing.

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Another version of the mobile is Note 20 Ultra, The company has added all the features that are necessary for the mobile. Samsung has a long history in developing mobile phones has shown its experience in creating the higher-end model that could attract a huge audience towards the product. This model is made available with two different segments based on the internal storage and size of the RAM. The first segment of the mobile is available for  $1,299.99 for the 128GB storage / 12GB RAM model and another segment is available for $1,449.99 to bump that storage up to 512GB. Internal storage has become a prime factor in differentiating the two segments whereas remaining features of the two model will be similar.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra
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The two model holds many similar features than their previous version. Samsung has come with the most expected and much needed advanced technology t support the 5G network. Many countries have started using fifth-generation technology to utilize high bandwidth speed. The company has also improved the accuracy of the S pen while controlling remotely. These models also support fast charging, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging. To increase the durability of the screen, the company has added the brand new version of Gorilla Glass that withstand from scratches.

Dolby technology has been used while designing stereo speakers for the mobile. It has IP68 water resistance, and ship with Android 10 (Latest Andriod version during the release). It’s expected that the latest version of the Android will hold newly launched security patches. Camera provided can record videos in 8k clarity which also supports external microphone options. DeX has been improved to work wirelessly and also has so many Microsoft software tie-ins.

Samsung has restricted features in Samsung Note 20 which lacks many important features that you get on a Note 20 Ultra. External memory storage option has been restricted whereas the mobile comes with the 128 GB internal storage. Like any other similar phone, it has the usual 60Hz refresh rate. 5G technology has been provided in both the model to improve connectivity.