Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Feature And Specification

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Samsung has been continuously working on developing android tablets for the past few years. Many companies who were working on tablets have changes their business model to concentrate on smartphones. Recently Samsung has launched the new Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+  with a decent specification to withstand the highly competitive industry. The company has been working many android products to meet customer demands and expectations. Newly launched android tablet from Samsung is the first tablet to have 5G  technology along with 120Hz refresh rates. To increase the processing speed Qualcomm’s recently announced Snapdragon 865 Plus CPU has been added to the device. Galaxy tab S7 is the normal version of the mobile with smaller screen sizes along with LCD display whereas the S7+ is the higher version of the tablet which has a wider screen size than S7.

Samsung being a  giant in the industry has great experience in developing android products. The company has used its designing knowledge while developing the tablet. The outer design of the tablet looks and handy and provides comfort while using the product. This device weighs 575 grams which looks pretty heavy than the previous versions of the tablet. Even though the new tablet feels less weight when compared to the currently available laptops in the market new keyboard case and the Tab S7+ gains a bit more weight, although it’s still lighter than most laptops that are available in the market. Keyboard has been improvised than the previous version for the free flow while typing. Samsung has added dedicated function keys for quick screenshots by pressing the second last button.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Still

The keyboard features many important features like wider trackpad than previous generations and now supports multi-finger gestures. The manufacturer has been improving many features whereas DeX desktop interface for Android. A few of the main things that the company is concentrating on are resizable windows, a dedicated keyboard shortcut to activate it along with the1 multi-window support over time. Dex being a smart internal software automatically turns into the laptop soon after connecting the keyboard.

S pen is one of the key features of the Samsung product that the company is continuing for long years. This S Pen is not only used in android tables but also in some of their other android products. The improved 9ms latency fails to meet the expectation and looks much similar to the previous versions of the S pen. Hope that company might spend a long time in designing their important hardware feature while designing upcoming products. 5G connectivity and gaming with Xbox game pass are the features that are added to the device to engage the customers. It’s said that S7+ costs 849 US dollars which looks quite decent for the number of specs that are available in the device. Galaxy tab s7 has a screen size of 11 inches with 1600 x 2560 pixels screen resolution with an IPS LCD display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
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Battery capacity has been enhanced to withstand long duration with 8000 mAh. Fast charging has been provided for the quick and hassle-free charging experience. The rear camera has 13 MP + 5 MP pixels whereas the selfie/ front camera has a 5 MP. Its expected that this product will be made available in an online store during the initial phase. once the global lockdown lifted it will be made available through the local stores