Samsung Galaxy M51 Leaked Information and Specifications

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Samsung is continuously working on upgrading its M series smartphones in recent days, similar to the galaxy series. Along with software updates, the company is also working on hardware features by launching foldable devices. Based on the latest reports, we have come to know about the information that the smartphone will be widely known as the Galaxy M51. Previous to their smartphone, there are other smartphones released in the M series, which has performed well in the mid-range smartphones category. To maintain the same equilibrium, they have been launching smartphones with slight modifications. Samsung has a handful of experience in creating a series and making it popular through its upgrade. Galaxy is one such series that was initially released before a decade, still continuing to prove its quality.

Even though till now there is no official announcement about the M51 series, we could able to run across many feeds and posts related to the upcoming smartphone. There are millions of Samsung fans eagerly looking forward to the information from the sources who mostly leak the information prior to the release. In spite of much hard security involved in designing these gadgets, leaks happen while getting approval from the international standards for pubic usage. It’s not the first time that these leaks spills out details before the official announcement it had happened several times in the past. It’s quite exciting to know about the actual information about the products than getting late to make it in the paper.

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As per the leaked information, Samsung Galaxy M51 will feature a 6.7-inch. This screen size looks familiar with many other smartphones that are released from Samsung. Adding to this it also has Super AMOLED Infinity-O display which directly gives the idea that these smartphones will have a hole-punch cutout. Basically the smartphone runs on the Andriod 10 operating system which might get the upgraded version of the Andriod soon after the release. To make it more convenient to interact with the hardware using software it comes with the One UI 2.1. Like any other M series smartphones, it also gets Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor. This processor is used on most of the smartphones irrespective of the brands especially due to the stability that it has produced these days.  The processor is coupled with the two variants of RAM, respectively 6GB and 8GB, and has standard memory storage of 128 GB.

Reaching the Camera at the backside of the mobile has quad-camera which has four different types of cameras with various specifications.  The camera includes 64 MP primary lens gets paired with 12 MP ultra-wide lens which forms the secondary, it is also has a  5-megapixel portrait lens and another 5-megapixel macro lens. It’s obvious that every smartphone has a minimum of dual cameras to capture the real images. Selfie camera gets a 32 MP lens which will use while having a meeting with the office colleagues, creating memories while clicking pictures with your buddies. Battery capacity gets a decent upgrade as expected with 7000 mAh, whereas previous models of M series get launched with 6000 mAh battery. No one like to spend their time charging the powerful device frequently. These batteries get a 25W fast charging tech which makes it faster while charging. We can predict based on the features provided by Samsung that this model might cost 550 $. This assumed price might get a slight change due to the local taxation.