Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Specification And Feature

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Specification and Details
Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Image

As a part of expanding its products in the fitness segment, Samsung has launched Galaxy Fit 2. There are many fitness devices that are emerging from the tech giants in the industry which helps the individual in tracking their fitness routine. The initial announcement about the product was unveiled during the companies Life Unstoppable virtual event which took place recently.

Other than Galaxy Fit 2, many other products and new updates were announced during the event. The device comes with an AMOLED display which makes it more prominent when compared to the other fitness tracking devices that are available in the global market. The company claims that the device comes with the 15 days of battery life on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Specification

Most of the fitness devices and smartwatches developed by Samsung in recent days comes with the  Hand Wash feature. This feature from Samsung suggests users wash their hands at a frequent interval of time. It should be also noted that this device also comes with the 5ATM water resistance which makes the device resistant against the water. The sale of the device got kick-started in some parts of the Asian countries both through the online eCommerce platform and also through the local stores. Based on the information from the manufacturing company, it’s clear that the device will be made available to the European countries and in the United States in the upcoming days. The device comes with the  450nits of brightness which makes the display of the device more visible even under the low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Specification And Features
Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Image


The front touch button provided with the fitness tracker acts as a user interface for communicating with the device. This option allows the user to access various other options of the device. Samsung claims that the user is provided with the 70 downloadable watch faces, where the user can choose from the collection. Samsung has a long experience in developing quality electronic device is showing its excellence in designing the UI. In default, the fitness tracker can track five automatic workouts. Other than that, it also allows the user in detecting 90 more workouts. These workout options can be configured using the Samsung Health app. Like any other fitness tracker, the device also gets integrated with a smartphone where it provides information through graphs and charts.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Feature

The device gets a Sleep Score analysis feature, which basically detects the sleep time of the user. The sleep time is categorized using several other parameters that help the user in knowing about their sleep time.  Awake, REM, Light, and Deep are the four type sleep modes which get categorized based on the data. There are sensors placed inside the device which makes helps in Stress Tracking. This is one of the much need tracking data, where the majority of the young population are facing stress in every day to day life.

Based on the recorded data, the device suggests a breathing guide when the threshold reaches a high point. Along with the 5ATM water resistance hardware feature, the device also gets Water Lock mode which can be accessed during the hardcore swimming session.  159mAh battery comes with the device has the ability to supply power continuously for 15 days without a single charge.  The manufacturing company also claims that the device can even last longer when used minimal on an everyday basis.