Samsung Galaxy F62: Samsung’s Newest Smartphone to come with Exynos 9825 SoC

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Samsung is planning to release its new model galaxy series smartphone in the South Asian Indian subcontinent. Samsung has been working on multiple smartphone products, which are expected to get launched during the mid of the next year. The company is continuously aiming to expand its business to different Asian and European countries. The company already helps millions of active users in the American continents through its regular update and launching of new products. It leaked that Galaxy F62 will be the upcoming smartphone from Samsung, which will be released through the mid-range smartphone features.

It looks like this smartphone will be the second smartphone coming from the Galaxy F series, which got released a couple of months. The company has already launched its first new model F series smartphone, Galaxy F41, during the month of October of this year. Soon after the launch of this new model smartphone, the company has already started developing its new model F series smartphone for its worldwide audience. It looks like this new smartphone will be coming up with mid-range features and specifications, aiming it more affordable for its users.

Samsung Galaxy F62 Specification

Based on the internet websites’ listing, it looks like this new model smartphone will be coming up with the Exynos 9825 SoC as its core internal processor. As a part of the initiative, it looks like this smartphone will be launched in the Indian subcontinent and will be distributed to other parts of the world through its strong distribution network. Already this company holds millions o active users from the Indian subcontinent region. This part of the world is often seen as a potential one for the smart device manufacturing companies, mainly due to its population and electronic gadget enthusiasts. Many Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies have already started dominating the Indian smartphone market through their new model devices.

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Samsung Galaxy F62 Features

It looks like this F series from Samsung is specifically targeted don the Indian smartphone users where the first smartphone series is sold through the online platforms. It’s expected that the second model smartphone from the smartphone manufacturing company will also be sold through the online eCommerce platform and will also be made available through the local stores. It said that this device from Samsung would be launched with the model number SM-F172G. it looks like Samsung has opted to use other processor components manufactured by startup companies. For a long time, Samsung has been using the Qualcomm processor as its core internal component.

This new device features the octa-core Exynos 9825 SoC processor as its core internal component. It’s expected that this smartphone from Samsung will be competing against the other new model mid-range smartphone device manufactured by the leading manufacturing companies. Samsung has been investing millions of dollars in carrying out its research and development to innovate hardware components. It’s expected that this device might be getting a quad-camera setup behind the back of the divide for carrying out complete photographic experience.

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