Sailor Moon : Eternal Movie Release Date Postponed To 2021 – New Dates Revealed

Sailor Moon's Two Part Anime Film To Be Postponed Due To COVID-19

Sailor Moon: Eternal

On the 25th January of 2017, the sequel to the third season of “Sailor Moon Crystal” was announced to be done in a Two-part Movie Project titled Sailor Moon: Eternal. The Anime film Sailor Moon: Eternal is being handled by Toei Animation and Studio Deen together and will be directed by Chiaki Kon. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will write the Script for the films. The Character Designs will be taken care of by the Original Character Designer of the series in Kazuko Tadano.

The Popular 90s anime series, Sailor Moon, made a return with a reboot equipped with better animation. Titled as “Sailor Moon Crystal”, it will be covering the arcs from the Original Manga by Naoko Takeuchi without deviating from the source material. Sailor Moon Crystal began airing in 2014 in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Original Series.

So far the anime series Sailor Moon Crystal has three seasons released, which were handled by Toei Animation. The Director for the initial 2 seasons was Munehisa Sakai, who was replaced with Chiaki Kon for season 3.

The Script was written by Yuji Kobayashi for all three seasons, and the Character Designs were done by Kazuko Tadano.

The Cast For Movie Series Include:

  • Kotono Mitsuishi (Known for voicing the role of Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion) will be voicing the character of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon).
  • Hisako Kanemoto (Known for voicing the role of Nakiri Erina from Shokugeki No Souma) will be voicing the character of Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury).
  • Rina Satou (Known for voicing the role of Mikoto Misaka from A Certain Magical Index) will be voicing the character of Rei Hino (Sailor Mars).
  • Ami Koshimizu (Known for voicing the role of Kallen Stadtfeld from The Code Geass Series) will be voicing the character of Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter).
Sailor Moon: Eternal
Iconic Girls From The 90s Are Making A Comeback.

Sailor Moon: Eternal Release Date Update

The Official Website of the Sailor Moon: Eternal Movie announced that films would be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both the films, which were initially set to hit theaters starting from the  11th of September, will be postponed to January of 2021.

So now we know Sailor Moon: Eternal will be released in January of 2021 and the Second film will consequently be airing a month after the release of the first film, which is in February of 2021. The two films from Sailor Moon: Eternal will be covering the Dead Moon Arc of the manga series. This project is considered as the 4th season of Sailor Moon Crystal.

The three seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal are available for streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Niconico.