Russia Claims Pattern Over Unproven Coronavirus Vaccine

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On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had registered a coronavirus vaccine. As many reports claim that the drug is still unproven and currently in the last stage of clinical testing to prove it is safe and effective. Putin in one of his press releases claimed that one of his daughters had received the vaccine as a part of the experiment that she had undergone. The vaccine was developed by the Gamaleya Institute which was tested for the small number of peoples which is expected that after passing the third stage of clinical testing it will be applied for a large amount of general population.

During the initial phase, the Russian government has planned to vaccinate volunteers, including medical workers and teachers. It’s expected that these members will get the vaccine during the initial phase where the vaccine is still under the third phase of the trial. There still many who are expressing their concern about vaccinating people even before the completion of clinical tests. Svetlana Davydova, executive director of the Russian nonprofit Association of Clinical Trials Organizations has expressed his views over the unproven vaccine that’s tested over the general population. In one of his interviews with Bloomerang, he has said that “Why are all corporations following the rules, but Russian ones aren’t? The rules for conducting clinical trials are written in blood. They can’t be violated,”.

It’s said that the vaccine invented by Russia uses a live, weakened virus from the active concentrated virus to inject genetic material from the coronavirus into human cells which acts as the antibiotic against the COVID virus. This diluted version of the virus builds a healthy immune system that could fight against the deadly virus thereby preventing humans from getting affected. This method is not only used by Russian scientist also used by several other vaccine manufacturing companies around the world. This method is used by Oxford University and AstraZeneca in their vaccine. China has also used a similar technique in its CanSino vaccine which was recently allowed to be used over China’s military, even after seeing mixed results in earlier trials.

Many countries and institutes are working on the race to invent the first vaccine against the deadly virus. It’s estimated that more than a billion dollars are spent on inventing the vaccine. As per the recent report reported by the world organizations its evident that the corona cases have reached more than 20 million people worldwide and killed more than 730,000. Experts have registered their concern over the untested vaccine to the global market could have serious consequences on the general population. Russia has shown its dominance in creating the first medicine which also shows that they are less concerned about the health condition of the public rather than looking forward to creating the first vaccine.

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Experts in the field of medicine fear that the wrong or untested vaccine might cause worse damage than the corona has created till now. If the vaccine gets released for the public without proper testing there is a chance that it might cause severe side effects to the human body or heavy dosage. The higher officer in the drugs and vaccine field has also said that vaccines without proper curing capacity might create a  false sense of security, potentially exacerbating the spread of disease. It will be proper if the vaccine gets proper clinical testing before making it commercially available to the other countries.