Rick And Morty Anime Short Confirmed To Return For a Sequel

Rick And Morty Anime Short

Ever since the debut of the popular science fiction animated series back in 2013, the show “Rick And Morty” has continued to impress its fans with each new episode’s release. The Rick and Morty Anime Short is one such example that perfectly incorporates the Japanese Anime Theme in a very beautifully prepared short clip, but still keeping it in a very “Rick And Morty” style. The Anime Short titled “Samurai And Shogun” was released on the 29th Of March 2020 on the Adult Swim YouTube Channel; the short has left many fans wanting more and has been watched over 12 Million times. In this article, we’ll be looking at all the information we have on the sequel of the Rick and Morty Anime Short.

What is Rick And Morty About?

Rick and Morty is an American Animated TV Series that first aired back in 2013. The show was co-created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, with the story centering around a Grandfather-Grandson duo that travels around the Multiverse and going on adventures. The trips are filled with hilarious dialogues and action scenes between the two, with the Grandfather being a heavy alcoholic and the Smartest Person in existence while the Grandson is dragged into these adventures on the whims of his Grandfather.

So far, the show has aired a total of 4 Seasons and will continue to go on for a lot more seasons, as the show was renewed for 60 more episodes back in 2018.

Interview With The Director Kaichi Sato | Rick And Morty Anime Short

In a recent interview conducted by Otaku Magazine USA, we got an insight into what had gone down behind the scenes from none other than Kaichi Sato himself. Kaichi Sato is the Director of the Rick And Morty Anime Short, and in the interview, he mentioned that the Anime Short that he wrote had taken heavy inspirations from “Lone Wolf And Cub” and was his homage to the classic Japanese Movie and Anime.

Rick And Morty Anime Short

He further explained that his team is currently planning out a sequel for the Rick And Morty Anime Short. This basically confirms that the sequel will be happening sooner or later; Kaichi Sato also added that he wants to someday add his own ideas into the Main Story of Rick And Morty and work with the creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

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The interview also expanded on what the process was like throughout the writing, animating, and directing the Anime Short. We are also told about all his previous works, short films, and Anime adaptations, which were also pretty cool.

The Good News Keeps Coming

With Season 5 of Rick And Morty also being confirmed, the fans are extremely excited for what’s to come in the upcoming months. Rick And Morty have been notorious for the long gaps between Seasons, but apparently, that will not be the case from next season onwards. Hence the confirmation of an Anime Short is like the cherry on top for many viewers.

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