Resident Evil Live-Action Series is in the Works – Netflix Confirms

Now who had a really good time bck in the early 2000s watching the Resident Evil movies? We have some exciting news for you.

Resident Evil Live Action Series Netflix

We all are very familiar with the Resident Evil series along with the movies. If you are not, then it is a pretty good plan to watch the film since we are still into the pandemic with very little to do. Alice is an absolute favorite, and so are the gory zombies. I bet we all have imagined living in an apocalypse. When the Covid panic started, I bet most of us were half expecting it to be something like this.

Coming back to the main topic, we have a new Resident Evil Live Action series, which is brought to us by Netflix. After the Capcom game in 1996, a lot of other similar video games were released along with a similar theme. This live-action series is no exception too.

Resident Evil Live-Action Series Netflix

We did not know anything officially about the release of this series up until mid-2020. Right on August 27th, the official Netflix page on Twitter announced about the Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. Now, who remembers Racoon City? Oh, I still recall the chills down my spine from the jumpscares. The nightmarish Town is back here, and the post on Twitter confirmed it.

Details And Update From Official Netflix Account

We know for a fact that Bronwen Huges is going to direct the first two episodes of the series. It is an eight-episode show, with each episode being an hour-long. The rest of the episodes are up to Andrew Dabb. The Umbrella Corporation and the T-virus obviously have much more to them. We expect to uncover more dark secrets from here onwards. Since the official account brings up “easter eggs,” I wonder what new let ins we can have.

The Unholy trinity of Umbrella Corporation, Washington D.C., and The Greenwood Asylum will have a final knot, which we can connect to. What is more to the spread of the virus? We are going to look over two timelines: Jade and Billie Wesker in the first one, where the virus is still under control. Then we skip over to when Jade is all grown up in the 30s, and the human population is cut down to just 15 million people.

The first episode, according to the information, is ” Welcome to Racoon City. ” Sounds inviting, isn’t it? (Well, that was sarcasm, if I were Jade, I would have immediately left). Jade’s father plays quite a dark role, hiding the secrets about the virus. But what happens later after a decade when there is just ashes and infection all around? The only way to know is to wait for the release.

Resident Evil Netflix

Cast, Release Date, And Production Proceedings

The pandemic is responsible for throwing the dates back. The production was about to begin in the early 2020s, around April. It then pushed back to October, and now it landed in February 2021. A year’s delay doesn’t sound very good. We should be glad for the fact that the show is at least continuing with the release plans and has not given up because of the hindrances.

Eliza Gonzalez, Takehiro Hira, Evelyn Marcus, Froy Gutierrez, Lorenza Izzo, Ruby Rose Turner, and Thuso Mbedu are the stars of the show. Additions will obviously be made as they begin filming. So, are you waiting on this show too? Because I am! Who doesn’t like a good action zombie series? That, too, an 8-hour long watch. Stay tuned for more details.

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